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6 psychological reasons why people opt for online prescriptions

Internet pharmacies have changed the way we buy medicines. They bring pharmacies onto our computer desks, turning online buying of medications into an easy and interesting experience. Most of the internet pharmacies have online doctors for consultation. These doctors are licensed medical practitioners who examine your conditions via email, chat and video conference and then, [...]

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Cyber-medicine, cyber-pharmacies and the business of trading drugs over the Internet

Cyber-medicine or cyber-pharmacies are nothing knew to web users. Just as every other thing sold online, medications are becoming popular online sales items. Online drugstores and pharmacies are mushrooming all over the world so much so authorities are still struggling to set proper regulations on the industry. Let’s take a look at the three different [...]

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Doctors are dead: How to get prescriptions through online questionnaires

59-year-old Donita Gano woke up one Sunday morning and hit her elbow against a wall, causing a painful wound. A public nurse living in Hawaii, all that Donita could find that Sunday was an online pharmacy which had an in-house doctor to offer online consultation to patients and drug-seekers. Donita logged into her account with [...]

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Internet Pharmacies and Online Prescriptions: The business of selling medication online

Online or Internet Pharmacies are becoming very popular world-over, especially in the U.S. Though some health agencies express opposition to the business of selling medications online, many people have taken up to the idea, thanks to the convenient and economical services offered by Internet pharmacies. An Online Pharmacy is a business that sells prescriptions medications over the Internet through online drug stores.

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