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Myths, Facts and Truths about Online Pharmacies

Online pharmacies can benefit people in saving money and reducing time spent on buying medications. Though there are thousands of online pharmacies all over the world, people have only now warmed up to the idea of buying drugs online. However, only few are well-informed of the truths about internet pharmacies, while others like senior citizens are not aware of such a pharmacy’s workings. This article will detail on the myths, facts and truths prevalent about internet pharmacies.


1. Online pharmacies do not require prescription: The most prevalent myth. If you are dealing with a genuine online pharmacy, you will never be able to buy medications until you submit your prescription written by a licensed doctor in the U.S.  However, this does not apply to over the counter drugs.

2. Package will not be delivered: No, your package will reach you definitely if the pharmacy is an authorized and authentic one. Missing packages maybe a result of wrong addresses or mail carrier errors. However, in most cases, missing packages will be replaced by the pharmacy.

3. Credit Card information will be misused: Wrong. If the site’s payment processing is secure and if you are dealing with a reliable, FDA approved online pharmacy, none of your payment or personal information will be misused or can be hacked.
4. Online pharmacies are illegal: Selling drugs online is by no way illegal. There can be illegal or counterfeit pharmacies, but again, not all online pharmacies are fake. There are reputed pharmacies which dispatch hundreds of packages to patients daily. And remember, counterfeit drugs are not sold in the United States as every other approved offline or online pharmacy is monitored by the FDA.

5. Online pharmacies sell only Viagras and Valiums: Some think this way. No, online pharmacies are not secretive medication buying places. All kinds of drugs are sold on internet pharmacies. Only thing is, they ensure that you buy privately. Hence people prefer buying medicines that may embarrass them otherwise.

6. All pharmacies are FDA approved: Not all pharmacies are FDA or NABP certified. Only the ones based in the United States can be. Foreign-based pharmacies, if they say that they are FDA-approved, understand they are fake.

7. Online pharmacies do not support health plans: Another myth. With the rise in online pharmacies, many insurance companies offer health plans that support online buying of medications. Your company’s PBM can help you find pharmacies that offer drug benefits and operate as mail-order/internet pharmacies.


1. Foreign pharmacies offer drugs at lower prices. This does not mean they sell cheap drugs. Since the government does not regulate drug prices in the U.S., drugs have higher prices here, whereas they are cheaper in foreign countries.

2. Canada’s online drug market. Do not believe all the propaganda about Canadian online pharmacies as fake ones. Not all ones are. There are reputed stores there which are approved by the Canadian Internet Pharmacy Association (CIPA). Check for the CIPA seal before you buy from a Canadian pharmacy.

3. Online doctors are a reality: If your internet pharmacy offers you prescription through an online doctor, do not think it is trying to fool you into something. Online doctors and online prescriptions are a reality with internet pharmacies. With the advent of e-prescribing system, buying medications have also been made easy.

4. FDA and NABP regulations: The Food and Drug Association (FDA) and National Association of Board of Pharmacies (NABP) are two regulatory bodies of pharmacies based in the U.S. Any online pharmacy approved by these bodies is an authentic and reliable one. VIPPS is another seal for reliability. You can check the FDA ( and NABP ( websites for more.

5. Lower prices, convenience and privacy: Online pharmacies are flocked by people because of three main reasons – i. They offer drugs at lower prices, ii. They are convenient as you can buy medications from the comfort of your home, and iii. They avoid embarrassing situations at public pharmacy stores (while buying drugs like Viagra or Cialis) and ensure personal privacy.

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Myths, Facts and Truths about Online Pharmacies

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