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Made in USA: 7 advantages of buying in U.S. online pharmacies

The Food and Drug Association (FDA) of the United States recommends that people of the country buy from internet pharmacies located within the country. Though some may term it is as a support the government is extending to the country’s pharmacy industry, one cannot ignore the advantages of buying medications from pharmacies within U.S. Some of the advantages are:

1. FDA-approved medications:
All the medications sold by NABP-authorized pharmacies would be approved by the FDA. The FDA monitors drug production and manufacturing in a very rigorous way. So, a FDA approved drug would be the safest drug you can consume as medication. However, you need to aware that not all U.S. pharmacies use FDA drugs, some have connections with pharmacies located in India, Panama or Canada from where they import drugs.

2. Licensed Pharmacies:
The FDA and the NABP strictly monitor pharmacies in the country. No counterfeit pharmacy that comes under the scrutiny of the regulatory bodies bypasses blacklisting. The NABP has blacklisted pharmacies on its website, In addition to this, licensed pharmacies sell only authenticated medications and practice lawful dispensation of drugs. They do not sell controlled medications without a bona fide prescriptions.

3. Licensed Physicians: All U.S. pharmacies are supposed to employ only licensed physicians as their resident physicians. So, if you happen to come across a pharmacy that does not have registered practitioners, you can immediately report it to the NABP or the FDA. The NABP’s page on how to report suspected counterfeits details you on how to make complaints about pharmacies you suspect as counterfeits.

4. Located in U.S.: Pharmacies located in the United States will have a U.S. address and a U.S. telephone number. You can call the pharmacy’s customer care to verify its number and location. Some sites project themselves as U.S.-based, but import drugs from other countries. A few others have their domain names registered in other countries. All these are counterfeit pharmacies which can be reported to the FDA or NABP.

5. Lower shipping charges:
If it is an U.S. based pharmacy, you can be sure of getting your medications at lower shipping charges. The pharmacy will not bill you high on generic medications. Added to that, some U.S. pharmacies like CVS Pharmacy and Walgreens provide value-added services like online photo services. Through these online photo services, you can print your pictures and get them delivered within hours at your local pharmacy store. These pharmacies charge very less for photo printing.

6. Reporting and Legal Action: If you have been cheated or wronged by a U.S. based online pharmacy, you can report about the issue to FDA or NABP anytime. You can also take legal action on the pharmacy in case of wrong delivery or low quality drugs.

7. No question of illegal practice: If you are using an U.S. based online pharmacy, you are sure to buy your prescription drugs legally. You would be buying legally-approved medications and would not be importing anything from third world or other countries. This way you are under the secure framework of FDA and NABP controlled pharmacies.

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Made in USA: 7 advantages of buying in U.S. online pharmacies

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