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Internet Pharmacies and Online Prescriptions: The business of selling medication online

Online or Internet Pharmacies are becoming very popular world-over, especially in the U.S. Though some health agencies express opposition to the business of selling medications online, many people have taken up to the idea, thanks to the convenient and economical services offered by Internet pharmacies.

Internet Pharmacies: An Online Pharmacy is a business that sells prescriptions medications over the Internet through online drug stores. Unlike offline, location-specific brick and mortar agencies, online agencies can operate from any part of the world, irrespective of which country’s buyers they serve. Thus an online pharmacy’s business maybe epicentered in Australia, but it may serve customers in the U.S.

There are many benefits which online pharmacies offer customers. Some of them include lower costs, door delivery, quick order processing, effective service, facility to compare costs, prescription-free generic medications and sometimes online prescriptions with help from the pharmacy’s licensed doctors. However, there are numerous pharmacies which operate over the Internet and it maybe difficult to find an authentic one if you are not knowledgeable in the business of online prescriptions. What do you need to look for in an online pharmacy? First, license. Second, its prescription practices, Third, payment procedures. Fourth, delivery process and country of operations.

License: For a pharmacy to be an authentic one, it has to be legitimate. In the U.S., online pharmacies are accredited by the National Association Board of Pharmacy (NABP). If it is a legitimate pharmacy, it should have the Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites (VIPPS) seal of approval on its website.

Prescription Practices: If it is a licensed pharmacy, it will not sell drugs without doctor’s prescription. However, some generic drugs are allowed to be sold without prescriptions and the pharmacies may sell some such. If the drug is debilitating or tranquilizing, the store may ask their online doctor to check with you, make you answer their questionnaires and then, provide you details on whether or not you can be offered the drug.

Payment and Delivery Procedures: If the Internet Pharmacy is a legitimate one, it will have secure payment procedures and safe delivery process. The delivery processes will be proper and quick at reduced shipping costs. Some the reasons why Internet pharmacies are popular are – lower costs and privacy in buying medications online. Online pharmacies offer medications at cheaper rates than offline pharmacies. This is due to their low overhead and markup costs. An individual may prefer buying Viagra or Valium in privacy than in public view at a local pharmacy store. So, anonymity is an important attraction in online medication buying. Convenience is also a major factor as you get your prescriptions delivered at your doorstep without having to travel to pharmacy stores.

Online Prescriptions: An Online Prescription can mean two things – it can be a medication bought from an online pharmacy or a prescription written by a doctor after online consultation. The latter is the kind of arrangement in which an online doctor prescribes medications to you through email and chat consultation. Though many people are turning to this method of prescription, the method is still new and many doubt the authenticity of the pharmacy and the doctor in question. It is advised that you do crosschecks on the legitimacy of the pharmacy before you go for an online consultation.

Creation of Medical Profile: Reputed online pharmacies take you through the online prescription process in a proper way. They ask you for a medical profile before consultation with their online doctors. The doctors, licensed medical practitioners, often check through the complete medical history of the patient before they send them questionnaires regarding their illness. Sometimes even photos and video chatting are part of this process to ensure the patient gets medications properly.

The business of selling medications online has grown to a million dollar industry. Many offline pharmacies now prefer online segments, not willing to lose customers flocking to websites to buy medicines. Additionally, some online pharmacies accept health insurance. Since the acceptance of a particular health insurance plan may vary from pharmacy to pharmacy, it is better to check with the pharmacy before taking up an order.

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Internet Pharmacies and Online Prescriptions: The business of selling medication online

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