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Doctors are dead: How to get prescriptions through online questionnaires

59-year-old Donita Gano woke up one Sunday morning and hit her elbow against a wall, causing a painful wound. A public nurse living in Hawaii, all that Donita could find that Sunday was an online pharmacy which had an in-house doctor to offer online consultation to patients and drug-seekers. Donita logged into her account with the pharmacy and consulted the doctor. She spoke to him on video chat and got medications prescribed for her problem. Since the online pharmacy was a local one, Donita got her medicines delivered the same day. She felt completely relieved overnight, thanks to the antibiotics prescribed by the doctor.

What happened to Donita can happen to you with online prescriptions by doctors.

Doctors are dead. At least, doctor visits are, with online pharmacies providing online doctor consultation services by licensed doctors. In the above case, the consultation charges were cheap, the drugs were cheap and the nurse had nothing to worry about her health the next day. On the other hand, if she had opted for the usual way, she would have had a tough day checkered with visits to the doctor and the pharmacist. The costs would also be double of what she paid to the online pharmacy.

This is precisely why online pharmacies click. They are smart, convenient and cheap. At the same time, they are a safe bet too. But, how do doctors prescribe medications online? What are the steps involved? How does a doctor get to know you without meeting you in person? Answer: Online Questionnaires.

Online Questionnaires: If you are contacting a doctor in an online pharmacy, your first step is to send your detailed medical profile to the doctor. You can mail it or fax it before meeting him via chat. After reviewing the profile, the doctor usually connects to you via chat and then, talks to you about your problem. Sometimes, the doctor can ask you to fill an online questionnaire even before entering into chat. The questionnaire may ask you everything – from general details like your name, age, sex, weight to your medical history or the health problems you have/had and medications you currently take etc. Once you submit the questionnaire to the doctor, he reviews it and gets back to you in case of any questions from his end. This is when you can consult with him via video chat or voice chat. After reviewing all your health factors, the doctor prescribes you medications online. The medications are often automatically ordered from the pharmacy and all that is left from your end is payment.

Safety issues in online prescriptions: Many health agencies argue that online prescriptions are not safe enough as they are done virtually. This is not true. Reputed online pharmacies take pains to provide the maximum care to customers. They try every possible option to ensure that customers are treated well and get adequate satisfaction in the treatments. The doctors hired by the pharmacies are licensed practitioners and hence, their knowledge cannot be doubted. The best part of all of this is, online prescriptions are available all the time, 24/7 as they are organized by online pharmacies.

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Doctors are dead: How to get prescriptions through online questionnaires

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