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6 facts to consider before buying drugs from Online Pharmacies

Buying from online pharmacies is pretty easy compared to buying from a brick-and-mortar drugstore. But if you are new to Internet pharmacies, you may have to consider a few things before you order prescriptions online:

1. Your purpose. Be clear on your purpose. Why do you want to buy online? Do you want to save costs, buy privately or just try online buying? Or, you want to choose online pharmacies because they are convenient as the require you to order via the Internet? You need to know your purpose because it may help you in the choice of a pharmacy. Supposing you are buying medications like Viagra or Valium which you do not want others to know, you can go ahead with any kind of pharmacy that offers the drugs without prescriptions. But if you are a chronic patient taking prescription medications, better if you choose a reputed pharmacy.

2. Are you ready for online buying? There are certain things which you require to buy medications online. You need to have a computer, a credit card, a prescription from a licensed doctor, an email address, a billing and delivery address and a phone number. If you are ordering generic medicines, then doctors of the pharmacies may ask you for your medical profile. This is the case if you are ordering after online consultation with doctors in pharmacies.

3. Research on online pharmacies and safety: Are online pharmacies safe places to buy? If that is your question, do research to find out if they are safe. Apply all the safe buying tips available online and then, choose a pharmacy. You can also ask members of medical communities on the pros and cons of buying.

4. Get your prescription: You need to consult your regular doctor and get your prescriptions for 3 months or so. It is better if you buy in bulk as you get medications at discount prices. You can get a list of all medicines that maybe needed, including the generic ones that you may occasionally use during headache or pain.

5. Find Pharmacies: Easy job if you know to do a Google search. Find pharmacies that are popular and are used by many people. As mentioned earlier, you can ask medical communities on this and then, choose your list of pharmacies. Once you have found your list of pharmacies, cut down the list. Then, edit again and reduce the list further. Boil everything down to a list of 5 to 7 pharmacies.

6. Check for license, pharmacy practices: From the list of 5 to 7, check which pharmacies are licensed by the NABP. If there is a VIPPS seal on the pharmacy’s website, it is a good sign. If you are a U.S. customer, it is better to buy from pharmacies based in the U.S. as the Food and Drug Administration of the country has control only over pharmacies that are based in the U.S. If you want to buy from a foreign pharmacy, choose based on whether the pharmacy follows the regulations insisted in the country of its operations. Do compare prices of drugs before you choose a pharmacy.

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6 facts to consider before buying drugs from Online Pharmacies

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