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4 uncommon suggestions to save money on prescription drugs

With recession creeping into our homes and the economic climate becoming tougher than ever, health care has become a huge concern for many Americans. Balancing finances within the family has become a difficult job with rising unemployment, medication prices and home rents/loans. In such a cluttered and confused scenario, buying prescription drugs for yourself or a loved one or a family member can mean a lot of expenses. Though online pharmacies help out people with less expensive medications, theĀ  costs required for prescription medications can be huge if you are dealing with chronic illnesses.

Here are some uncommon suggestions on how to save money on your prescription drugs:

1. Health Insurance/Health Care Plan: Insurance companies have understood the potential of online pharmacies and offer health care plans for purchase of drugs online. Check if you regular insurance company has plans for medications bought online. If yes, check if the company has your drugs on its formulary list. Typically, formulary lists contain only less expensive drugs. However, some insurance companies have even generic medications on their formulary lists. So, if you have checked with your doctor on whether or not you can use generic medications instead of brand-name ones, you can decide on choosing the insurance plan. Since the plan will insure the whole process of buying drugs online, you can be carefree about the delivery of drugs. But remember that you need to follow several procedures to apply for such health plans. So, follow them adeptly.

2. Discounts, Coupons and Free Samples from Online Pharmacies: If you are bent upon saving money on medications, you should take advantage of every other discount or free samples offered by online pharmacies. Find a good online pharmacy, order from it and get discounts on your medications. Some online pharmacies offer coupons on drugs at several medical forums or communities. Get the coupon codes from such sites and make use of them.

3. Medicaid, other drug assistance programs: The government participates in your prescription medication bills through programs. Medicaid is a great program that helps low-income groups with prescription drugs. Check with your Medicaid office and see if you qualify for the program. Many other drug companies offer drug assistance programs to help you save money on medications. Check if such companies have online pharmacies. If they do, you can avail the program’s benefits from the comfort of you home.

4. Buy in large quantities: Unlike brick and mortar pharmacies, mail order or online pharmacies offer drugs in discount rates if you buy them in bulk. Ask your doctor to give you prescriptions for a 90-day supply instead of 30-day supply. There are many Americans who live on prescription drugs. Their prescription drug refill varies from month to month or between 3 to 6 months. So, you can plan the refill dates with your doctor and order everything in advance to save money. With this, you need not worry about spending money every month for the refill as well.

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4 uncommon suggestions to save money on prescription drugs

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