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24 reasons why you should buy prescription drugs online

Buying prescription medications online can be useful in more than one way. Though labeled as convenient, cost-effective and easy, online pharmacies help us shrug off a lot of irritations along the way from the doctor’s to the pharmacy store. You get rid of waiting room blues, rigmarole of clinics, refill nuisance and a whole lot of other things when you order your prescription drugs online.

The reasons for buying medications online can be divided into four categories – physical, psychological, social and economical. Though most of them are interconnected, it is better to view them separately. A look at this reasons-list would surely remind us on what will be relieved of if we take to online pharmacies. Here are some 24 reasons why you should buy prescription drugs online:


1. No doctor appointments: Fixing appointments with doctors are a major headache. More so if your doctor happens to be the only specialist in town.

2. No waiting rooms: For sure, most of us have had waiting room blues at the doctor’s clinic. Most often this happens when you are waiting for you doctor to say the final word on your problem or diagnose your disease looking at your scan report.

3. No long queues. Queues at a pharmacy store are a waste of time.  They are dead with online pharmacies.

4. No frequent trips for refill: With online pharmacies, you need not worry about refill. They remind you every time you need one.

5. No help required from family: This applies if you are a senior citizen or a person with disability. You need not seek help from friends or family to take you to the pharmacy store.

6. Convenient during critical times: Especially when you are injured or in critical health condition and cannot afford a trip to a pharmacy.

7. Easy to shop drugs: Shopping drugs have never been this easier. You read information given on the website, decide and then buy.

8. No prescription required before ordering: Unlike brick and mortar pharmacies, no prescription is required before you order your medication. Some foreign pharmacies even offer drugs without prescription.

9. Online doctor consultations: Your engage in a video chat with a licensed doctor, get your problem diagnosed and order your medications right away.


10. No embarrassment. This especially true if you are buying drugs for ED treatment like Viagra, Cialis etc.

11. No weird looks. You need not face weird looks from people at the pharmacy store if you are getting medications for some serious or contagious illnesses or STDs.

12. Highly confidential. Nothing of what you buy is known to anyone, even the one who delivers your package.

13. Private space with doctor. Since you get to chat with a doctor online and not face to face, you can discuss on things which you may hesitate to discuss with your family physician.

14. Family need not know. Your family need not know what medication you are taking. For instance, if you are suffering from ED, you may have problems sharing it with your spouse. Online pharmacies save you the embarrassment.

15. No physical examination. Some are allergic or have aversion for physical examination by doctors. This is avoided in online doctor consultation suggested by online pharmacies.


16. New web generation: With online buying of drugs, you join the new, hi-tech web generation which buys almost everything online.

17. Help elders, people with disability and others. You can help such people by sharing your knowledge or ordering for them online.

18. No room for theft or abuse. When you travel  to a drugstore you are exposed to theft, physical or verbal abuse by anti-social individuals or miscreants.

19. Extremely useful during crises situations. Like curfew, social unrests, terrorist attacks etc. when it is not advisable to leave your home.

20. 24/7 and 365 days round the year. Another important reason why online pharmacies are such a a hit among people.


21. Cost-effective. Perhaps THE most important reason why people choose online pharmacies. With no overhead costs, online pharmacies offer drugs at cheaper rates than local pharmacies.

22. Discounts and offers if ordered in large quantities. Applies if you are on prescription medications. You can get a discount by ordering for a 3- month or 6-month supply.

23. Easy payment and safe transaction. Without cash in hand, you order drugs from the comfort of your home.

24. Choice between generic and brand-name medications: This helps you save money as generic medications are cheaper in the U.S.

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24 reasons why you should buy prescription drugs online

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