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The Online Pharmacy boom: A convenient, private way to health

If you are like many Americans, chances are, you or your family member is on prescription medication that needs to be renewed at different times of the month. It maybe an elderly family member or your spouse or you, but one of you takes multiple trips to the local pharmacy store to buy or refill the prescription drugs every month. You wait in the long line at the pharmacy store. The line is longer if there is only one pharmacy that supports Medicaid in your small town. You wait all day only to hear that the medication you are looking for is out of stock and you can get it if you return in half an hour. Tough, isn’t it? This is why more Americans are switching over to online pharmacies.

Online pharmacies are booming in the United States. Their popularity began with pet medications. As many pet owners benefited from the online pet medications, human drugstores too started emerging online.

Online Pharmacies in the United States: The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), along with the National Association of Boards of Pharmacies (NABP) regulate and authorize the pharmacies (including online ones) in the country. Since both the bodies are stringent with their rules, the country has a regularized system with regard to online pharmacies. If a pharmacy is licensed by the FDA and NABP, then you can be sure that it is a reliable and trustworthy one. Added to this, a program called VIPPS was introduced in 1999. This program authenticated all the Internet pharmacies to ensure that they operate within fair means. So, any pharmacy that has the VIPPS label is verified by the FDA and the NABP.

Internet drugstores are growing in popularity for a lot of reasons – ease of use, lower prices, refill convenience, options to choose and sometimes, even to consult with online doctors.

Front Door Delivery: This is the most important reason that is driving people to online pharmacies. Front door delivery of medicines makes it convenient for any one – single, young or old. If you are an elderly member depending on another family member to take you around the town to buy things, you can be on your own with online pharmacies. You can order from the comfort of your home and get it delivered at your doorstep.

You save money: Online pharmacies are able to offer you prescription drugs at lower prices than brick and mortar pharmacies. If you are into online buying, you would find out that your drugs are available for cheaper prices. This is due to the fact that Internet pharmacies spend less on overhead costs and other infrastructure costs. So, they are able to benefit the customers directly. Brand-name drugs are less expensive in foreign online pharmacies while generic drugs are lower in the United States. In this tight economy, this saving can help us manage other costs. If you are a senior citizen or a fixed-income parent, you can save more by buying online.

No queues. No out-of-stock talk: You wait for half an hour in a long queue in the local pharmacy store only to be told that your prescription medication is out of stock and can be got only after a day or two. You will be irritated of the whole incident. Online pharmacies eliminate such irritating things. No queues or no out of stock talk from your online pharmacist. If an online drugstore says that a particular medication is out of stock, then you can always switch to another online store and order the drug. This is absolutely convenience at low cost.

Private Buying: No, you don’t have to face that weird stare of the local pharmacist when you buy your medication. No one needs to know about your illness either. You can buy medications without anyone’s knowledge. This privacy is possible only with online drugstores.

You earn time: Your refill is also taken care of by the online pharmacies. So, you have no worries regarding buying your refill medicines. This really saves a lot of time. You can spend the time earned with your loved ones or for other useful things.

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The Online Pharmacy boom: A convenient, private way to health

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