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Pharmacy Medication Error Attorneys: How to sue online pharmacy malpractices

With online pharmacies gaining popularity all over the world, more people are buying medications online. Many pharmacies have jumped into the business to meet the demand. With the demand growing day after day, more unreliable and unauthorized pharmacies are competing to gain ground in the industry. This situation has escalated pharmacy medication errors to a great extent during the past few years.

Pharmacy Medication Errors – Statistics: Pharmaceutical prescription drug errors are more common than you think. People become victims of these errors more often and the injuries and deaths caused by these errors amount to about 1.3 million and 100,000 every year. In a way, more people die due to pharmaceutical errors than they die of AIDS, cancer or car accidents. This loss costs about $72 billion every year. A survey says that about 3% of the patients admitted in hospitals are victims of medication or prescription errors.

Pharmacy Errors – Types: There are two basic kinds of pharmacy errors – your pharmacist may send you the wrong prescription or give you the wrong dosage of the right prescription. There are other errors like dispensing with counterfeit medications, cheap or expired or contaminated medications too. Pharmacy errors lead to serious health disorders, irritable side effects or even life-threatening conditions. Most of the time, this happens if the patient is a child or a senior citizen.

Pharmacy Prescription Errors – Causes: The possible causes for prescription errors are human:
1. Miscommunication between the patient and the pharmacist
2. Online pharmacist’s failure to check with doctor’s prescription
3. Improper knowledge of drugs can cause error while packing
4. Lack of knowledge in abbreviations can also be a cause
5. Lack of proper organization, package-checking and pharmaceutical knowledge
The fifth point is the most common cause in most cases with online pharmacies. If the person in the sales team does not have pharmaceutical knowledge, he or she can pack the wrong medication or incorrect dosage of the right medication. This is precisely why the FDA advocates that an online pharmacy can be run only by a licensed pharmacist.

Pharmacy Medication Error Attorneys: With the rise in online pharmacies, errors are becoming more pronounced in the United States. If you have encountered a pharmacy prescription error, you can sue the pharmacy with the help of a pharmacy medication error attorney. Your medication malpractice lawyer can educate you on the know-hows of legal procedures to make your pharmacist financially accountable for his wrongdoing.

How does a Pharmacy Error Injury Attorney work? A medication lawyer will help you claim financial liabilities for the injuries caused to you by pharmacy errors. To start with, he analyzes your case completely with the guidance of your medical records from your doctor and your pharmacy. Then, he goes on to consult the best pharmacology experts and gauges the toxicity and dosage of the wrong drugs you received erroneously. When he gathers that your online pharmacist made an error in the process of dispensing medications to you, he files a lawsuit against the pharmacy after consultation with you. You may require the pharmacy’s package, your credit card statement for purchase of drugs and your pharmacy account details for lawsuit purposes.

What are the damages claimed? Damages claimed by your pharmacy error injury attorney may include all the expenses incurred by you to buy the drugs online and for the future medical care taken to treat the effects of the wrong medication. Other damages include loss of earnings due to injury or disability and loss of enjoyment of life. If victims have lost lives, you can sue the online pharmacy for wrongful death claim.

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Pharmacy Medication Error Attorneys: How to sue online pharmacy malpractices

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