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Buy pills and print pictures at the same place: Pharmacies offering online photo services

With the rise in number of online pharmacy users, pharmacies are trying out all possible ways to establish themselves in the market. Some online pharmacies try to launch themselves as specialty stores offering everything from drugs to gifts to personal care items. A few online pharmacies have gone to the extent of turning into photo studios, where you can order your pictures to be printed  right from the comfort of your desktop.

Pharmacies and Photo Printing: Pharmacies offer extra or special services to enhance the value they deliver to their customers. The business of printing photos and ordering them online started way back, with the advent of online shopping. What is new now is the emerging trend of pharmacies turning into photo printing studios. It works this way – you log on to the pharmacy’s photo site or section and upload pictures from your computer. Once you are done, you mention the size, type and kind of printing you require and then pay money for the job with your credit card or online account. In a matter of few hours, your pictures will be available at the local store of the pharmacy. You can collect it from there or get them to deliver it at your doorstep.

One Hour Photos: Some pharmacies, in a move to get ahead of others, do what is termed ‘One Hour Photo’ services. You order your pictures to be printed and then, collect them from the pharmacy’s local store after an hour. Since the payment is all over, you need to just drop in to get your photos. You are very lucky if you have the pharmacy’s local store very close by your place.
Why Online Photo services? The advantages of online photo services offered by pharmacies are obvious. If you are on prescription drugs, you would definitely drop in the pharmacy’s local store to collect your drugs or refill your prescriptions. You can collect the photos you ordered online at that time. This way is quick and easy instead of ordering from an online photo store and waiting for weeks for your digital photos to arrive. Above all, the prices of such digital printing offered by pharmacies are also cheaper than the ones offered by online photo studios.

Pharmacies  which provide photo services: The whole business of pharmacies turning into photo studios started with CVS Pharmacy and Walgreens Photo Center. As large pharmacy chains, both CVS and Walgreens have their stores located in almost every town in the country. They have hundreds of people buying medications from them on a regular basis. Their sites are well-furnished to meet customer demands. Making use of all these facilities, both the pharmacy chains have launched into online photo service business.

CVS Pharmacy or Walgreens Photo Center? There are many online pharmacies that offer these services. Some label it as One Hour Photo services. But, CVS Pharmacy and Walgreens Photo Center top the list as they get lot of photo printing requests daily. Both offer very competitive prices and have stores located in all the towns in the country. They offer photo printing on mugs, cards, calendars and  gifts for use during the holiday season. They also retouch your photos and deliver them at your local store within hours. If you want to do more of comparison shopping, you can visit their sites – and

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Buy pills and print pictures at the same place: Pharmacies offering online photo services

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