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Pharmacy Review sites: Pros, cons and reliability of online pharmacy reviews

With online pharmacies becoming a rage all over the world, thousands are flocking to buy medications online. Though the U.S. is home to many reputed pharmacies, some of them neither stick to regulations nor follow the FDA rules. As the competition gets tough, some online pharmacies adopt to unfair means of selling drugs. So, there is always an inherent risk tag attached to buying medications online if you do not know from whom you are buying.

Pharmacy Review sites help you only in this regard. Pharmacy review sites are websites that analyze, scrutinize and rate online pharmacies. Their rating is often accurate owing to their in-depth analysis of a pharmacy’s products, support services and delivery of products. Many customers turn to online pharmacy review sites before choosing to buy medications online. These sites also provide complete information on the pharmacies they are reviewing.

Pros of Pharmacy Review sites

1. Safety and security: Pharmacy review sites ensure customer’s safety and security. By analyzing a pharmacy, they help the customer to decide on where to buy and where not to buy.

2. Guidelines for buying: Pharmacy review sites provide complete guidelines on how to buy prescription medications online. They educate you on the procedures involved, including payment and other processes like faxing the prescription to the pharmacy.

3. In-depth analysis by experts: Most of the review sites hire experts to write pharmacy reviews. These experts, with their prior experience, gauge the concerned pharmacy on the basis of four main criteria – product quality, shipment processing, customer support and overall reliability.

4. Educate customers: A pharmacy review site educates customers on the regulations online pharmacies are supposed to adhere to. These sites educate laymen on FDA rules, NABP and the fair practices demanded from licensed pharmacies.

5. User comments: Some online pharmacy review sites operate almost like a community. They allow users/buyers to share their experiences with online pharmacies. If buyer is enraged at the service or goods dispatched to him, he can report it on the pharmacy review site’s forum and other users can take a cue about the pharmacy from the buyer’s experience.

6. Complete Information: More than online pharmacies, pharmacy review sites provide complete information on the drugs sold online. They allow users to compare prices between drugs of different pharmacies and provide guidelines on generic medicine to let them decide what to buy. They also educate users on the dos and don’ts with online pharmacies.

Cons & Reliability issues with Pharmacy Review sites:

However, pharmacy review sites cannot be relied on completely. Some reviews are paid reviews or featured or sponsored reviews. Some pharmacies or drugstores sponsor pharmacy review sites to write about them and feature their products. You can decipher this by taking a look at a pharmacy review site. If the reviews displayed in it are very biased or overtly appreciative of a particular pharmacy and all links lead to that pharmacy’s online store, understand that the review site is doing a job for which it has been paid. This is where the question of reliability comes in. You cannot rely a pharmacy site that is biased toward certain pharmacies.

So, how do you choose your review site? Users. If the review site has a large number of users or active user interaction, understand that it is user-based site and that it will not cheat with false reviews. Check with users on other communities on how good a particular pharmacy review site is. Then, research and find out if the site has been referred by any popular medical blogger or site. Or, if it has any credentials. Finally, decide based on the user-interactivity within the site. If there are frank and candid discussions on online pharmacies, then you can trust the site and act according to its guidelines.

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Pharmacy Review sites: Pros, cons and reliability of online pharmacy reviews

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