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Online Drugstore Test: 10 signs of fake Internet pharmacies

The scene of people buying prescription medications online is becoming increasingly common in the United States. Thanks to the mushrooming of thousands of online pharmacies, U.S. people are benefiting from cheap rates and doorstep-delivery of medications. These online pharmacies help people save money for tough times as they offer expensive medications at lower prices and encourage online doctor consultations for general illnesses.

With the social and economic climate conducive for online pharmacies, more and more non-pharmacists and fraudulent businessmen are entering into the industry. There are Internet pharmacies which manage to make a lot of money without proper authorization or by selling fake medications. Such fake medications can be detrimental to your health in the long run, making your conditions worse if you are suffering from chronic illnesses. Below are some signs to find out a fake Internet pharmacy from a true one.

1. Rogue sites or ‘Mom and pop’ pharmacies: Some pharmacies project that they are the leaders in the online pharmacy business. They brag about their infrastructure, their employees and organization. They are often a little overboard about everything. Don’t get carried away by any online pharmacy’s information about themselves. Check once or twice before you buy anything from them. If you do a little research, you will be able to find out their stand in the industry. Also, if you call up their phone numbers, you will know whether they exist in the physical location specified. Chances are, they maybe rogue sites or just mom and pop pharmacies.

2. Pharmacies without license: For every pharmacy to function in the U.S., it should have been authorized from the FDA. If the pharmacy you have chosen has no license from the FDA, but sports a strange international license from some other country, understand that it is fooling people around.

3. Authorization from pharmacy verification programs: Some online pharmacies may say that they have authorization from leading pharmacy verification programs. If that is the case, check the verification programs for authenticity. However, this is applicable only to pharmacies that are based in foreign countries. All pharmacies operating within U.S. should have authorization from the FDA.

4. They sell medications without prescriptions: Fake pharmacies sell medications without prescriptions. Any licensed pharmacy will require you to submit or fax the prescription of a licensed doctor to send you the medications. If a pharmacy does not require it from your end, understand that it is fake.

5. They prescribe medications without doctor consultations: A fake Internet pharmacy may ask you to fill out a questionnaire and then, prescribe medications based on your answers from the questionnaire. This is an unfair practice as, by law, a pharmacy is supposed to put you on to a licensed doctor and only then suggest you prescriptions. These false online prescriptions are signs of rogue pharmacies.

6. Inaccurate or misleading information about medications: All drugs should have complete information on the ingredients, dosage and other caution details on them. Fake pharmacies sell drugs which have inaccurate or misleading information.

7. Does not protect personal information: An authentic site should have the VIPPS label with a well-drawn out privacy policy. Check the privacy policy of the pharmacy before buying. Chances are your personal information may not be protected. If that is the case, then know that you are in for trouble.

8. No secure transactions nor hacker-proof site: Fake pharmacies build sites that are not hacker-proof or ensure secure credit card transactions. If you find the site without an SSL security or any other security program certification for safe transactions, never deal with it.

9. Poor customer service: If you are dealing with a wrong pharmacy, you can smell it from the nature of their customer service. Most of the time, a fake pharmacy will have no customer support team or will give you a terrible customer service experience.

10. Extremely Low Costs: Some pharmacies offer medications at extremely low prices, almost 25% lower than discount pharmacies. If that is the case of the pharmacy you are dealing with, beware. The pharmacy might be selling medicines that are poor in quality or have expired or cause unwanted side effects or dangers to health.

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Online Drugstore Test: 10 signs of fake Internet pharmacies

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