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Foreign Online Pharmacies: To buy or not to buy?

High price of prescription drugs in the United States has led many people to buy medications from foreign online pharmacies. Though there is nothing potentially harmful in choosing a foreign pharmacy to buy medications online, you need to understand certain issues involved in such buying. Foreign pharmacies are cheaper and convenient to buy drugs as brand-name medications are less expensive in some foreign countries compared to the U.S. For example, in countries like Canada and Mexico brand-name drugs are 25 % to 50% cheaper than in the United States.

Why Foreign Online Pharmacies are cheaper?

First reason, they sell drugs online which has minimum overhead costs. Second reason, drugs with brand-names and labels are cheaper in foreign countries. This is because the U.S. government does not control prices for prescription drugs openly. It leaves decisions regarding prices to the companies themselves. The companies pass on the costs involved in R & D, advertising and marketing to the customer as the medication’s price. Another factor is the liberty people have to sue medication manufacturers. This makes setting up a drug company a huge process and hence, the costs are high on brand-name drugs.

However, generic drugs are cheaper in the U.S. The government encourages strong competition among companies that make generic drugs. So the companies try their best to price drugs cheaper and less expensive.

Are Foreign Online Pharmacies a safe bet?

Yes. But, you need to take the necessary precautions to ensure that you are buying from a safe foreign pharmacy. First step is to do research. Once you have chosen your foreign pharmacy, do research on what are the regulations to be followed by pharmacies in the country of the pharmacy. Then match and find out if the pharmacy follows all of them. Find out if it is licensed and approved by the concerned government authority in its country. Then, check if its sells authentic drugs or counterfeit drugs.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration warns the people of the country to be wary of the following things in foreign pharmacies, especially while buying generic drugs:

1.The drugs may have been made using unsafe procedures
2.Some medications can be fake or highly unsafe or ineffective
3.Certain drugs may have addictive or harmful ingredients
4.Side effects of some drugs maybe debilitating
5.Some drugs may require medical supervision before consumption

To buy or not to buy?
You can buy if you are sure that your pharmacy is a safe, authentic and reliable. Better to buy brand-names from foreign pharmacies as they are reliable all over the world and can be got cheaper in foreign countries. However, if you are opting to buy generic medications, it is always to buy them in the United States where they are monitored and licensed by the government.

Some drug buying tips:
Be wary of fake pharmacies and pseudo, ineffective medications while buying drugs abroad. Also, choose a pharmacy that is licensed by the authorities in the country of its operations. Choose a pharmacy that is the most reputed one in that country. Better to buy only brand-name medications that are expensive in the U.S. and less expensive there. Avoid buying from countries which do not regulate pharmacies properly. Before buying from abroad, talk to your doctor. If cost is the main constraint in buying from U.S. pharmacies, chances are your doctor may prescribe generic medications which you can buy here itself.

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Foreign Online Pharmacies: To buy or not to buy?

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