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Canadian Online Pharmacies: 5 tips to tell a true pharmacy from a fake one

With the online pharmacy industry growing exponentially, fake internet pharmacies are becoming a huge concern for industry regulators and customers. Industry authorities term fake pharmacies as “global disasters” that have to be nipped in the bud. Reasons for fake internet pharmacies can be – the surplus money earned by pharmacies and the growing demand for buying medications online.

In most of the cases, fake pharmacies have their base in foreign countries like Canada or Mexico or India. Or, they operate from Canada but distribute drugs from countries like India or Costa Rica. Canadian Online pharmacies are popular all over the United States for their cheap prices on prescription medications. More people choose to buy from Canada inspite of the FDA’s warning to choose pharmacies only from the United States. FDA issued this warning because it has no authority or regulations over foreign pharmacies and cannot ensure the quality of drugs that are imported into the country.

Sometimes big U.S. pharmacies spread rumors about fake drugs sold by Canadian online pharmacies. This maybe done in order to purposely damage their businesses. The truth is, not all Canadian online pharmacies are fake. There are some genuine, good ones too. Finding a fake Canadian pharmacy can be easy with the following tips:

1. Review the pharmacy’s site: Review the website of the pharmacy completely. You should be able to find the pharmacy’s license number, physical address and other details in the website. A look at the site can help you measure the pharmacy’s quality of drugs and the kind of information provided in them. Canadian pharmacy regulatory bodies have a website where they publish the list of pharmacies approved by them. If the Canadian pharmacy you are scrutinizing brags of being checked by such authority, go to the regulatory body’s site and check.  lists every other registered pharmacy in the provinces of Canada. You can search for your pharmacy there and check if it is really registered.

2. Look for CIPA seal: The CIPA or Canadian International Pharmacy Association is an organization that lists all legitimate pharmacy sites in its site You can go through the site to find out if your Canadian online pharmacy is mentioned in it. Instead, you can check if the pharmacy’s site has the CIPA seal with link to the CIPA page.

3. Call the pharmacy: This is the best way to find out the pharmacy’s location. Call the pharmacy in the phone number provided on their website. When your call is answered, ask the representative to put you on to the customer support team. Ask for the license number of the pharmacy. Ask them if they really have registered with the Canadian regulatory body. Find out all possible details of the pharmacy’s authenticity.

4. Check with pharmacy review sites: This works with most of the foreign pharmacies. Check with pharmacy review sites on whether or not the particular pharmacy you are planning to deal with is reliable and trustworthy. Check three or four review sites as some reviews may be paid ones, sponsored by the pharmacy itself.

5. Check for international legitimacy seals: Check for international legitimacy seals like PharmacyChecker. There are independent agencies which take up the task of reviewing and rating pharmacies that operate globally. PharmacyChecker is a reputed and valid agency that rates online pharmacies based on quality, service, costs and other factors.

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Canadian Online Pharmacies: 5 tips to tell a true pharmacy from a fake one

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