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5 most-common complaints about online pharmacies and how to resolve them

Online pharmacies are undoubtedly a great way to save money and shop medications privately. But things can go wrong sometimes and your online buying experiment can be a disaster. This is why it is necessary to check an online pharmacy thoroughly before you choose to buy from it. There are situations where even reputed pharmacies mess things up. Some of the most common complaints about online pharmacies are:

1. Delivery Failure: Your package does not reach you, how long you wait or whatever you do to get it. If this happens to you, remember it is not always a case of fraud or cheating. Sometimes, this maybe your fault. You may have given the wrong address or entered the wrong zip code or door number. Sometimes it maybe the mail carrier’s fault. The shipment agency the pharmacy is using may not be proper in the delivery of goods. They may have delivered your package to some other address wrongly and might have intimated the pharmacy that they are done with the job. Sometimes it maybe a clear cut case of fraud. Your pharmacy maybe a humbug website that makes money out of selling undelivered stuff.

If you are caught in this rut, you need to first contact the online pharmacy’s customer support service and track your order. If they say that it has been dispatched, then contact the local mail carrier agent used by the pharmacy. Call up the mail courier agency and track your package. If no action is done by the pharmacy to help you out, understand that it is case of cheating and report about the website to FDA. If possible, write on pharmacy review sites and let other people know about your bad experience.

2. Credit Card Misuse: The pharmacy can sometimes misuse your credit card information and bill you for more than what you ought to pay. You may find this out only if after you receive the credit card statement. If such a thing happens, contact the pharmacy immediately and get things rectified. If the pharmacy is a reputed one, it will do things to reimburse the extra money taken from your card. If not, the customer service team may just ignore your complaint. In all situations, it is better to contact the credit card company and set things right.

3. Bad Customer Service: Happens with most of the online pharmacies that use unfair means to grab money from customers. Some customer service teams of pharmacies do not answer to your complaints, fail to help you track your orders, confuse you with excuses and delays in shipping and the most terrible of all, ignore or disregard you completely. A customer service team is the backbone of any pharmacy, more so if its an online pharmacy. If you smell that your pharmacy’s customer service is bad, write to the pharmacy’s senior management or proprietors if you find their details online. Sometimes the customer service might have been outsourced and chances are the outsourced-to agency may not be functioning well. If nothing happens even after your complaints, write to the FDA or NABP to look into the matter.

4. Different product delivered: This is also a common complaint. Some pharmacies deliver you a different package, full of stuff you have not ordered at all. This maybe a human error (made by the sales team of the pharmacy) or a delivery error (made by the mail carrier). Whatever it is, contact the customer support team and get a refund or get what you ordered delivered to you. Most of the pharmacies respond to such complaints readily as it is sign of bad management.

5. Delivery of damaged or expired products: If you are dealing with a fraudulent online drugstore, you maybe victim to this situation. Delivery of expired medications is a fault of the pharmacy. If the product is damaged, chances are the mail carrier might have mishandled it or it might have been damaged during shipping. With unfair pharmacies, the product is even packed in such a state. Again, the best solution is to contact the pharmacy’s customer support team. Good pharmacies respond, others blame the shipment process or the mail carrier.

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5 most-common complaints about online pharmacies and how to resolve them

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