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Pet prescriptions online: 10 steps to buying pet medicine online

Buying pet medications online is a wiser thing to do than buying them offline at a pet pharmacy. This is because pet medications are cheaper and easier to get online. So, if your dog or cat is on prescription medication and if you take pains to buy them every time from the local pet pharmacy, think again. You can easily order pet prescriptions from an online pet pharmacy and get them delivered at your doorstep. If you have a pet and want to order prescription medications, just follow the ten steps listed below. You can order and get your pet’s medications from the convenience of your desktop.

1. Arrange for things you will need to order pet medication: Ordering pet medication is simple if you have the following things – a computer with Internet access, a credit card or an online bank account, an email address, a billing address and a fax machine to fax your prescription.

2. Doubtful? Do research.
Some people have a doubtful and questioning attitude toward buying prescription medications online. If you are of that kind, do research to find out what you need to be careful about when buying with online pharmacies. Search in detail about pet pharmacies and then, get to know the pros and cons of buying from online drugstores. (This blog can help you decide on this). You can post questions regarding pharmacies in medical communities and get people to address your doubts. If you are still doubtful, try ordering minimum number of prescription medications to start with. Once you have cleared your doubts, start with the purchase process.

3. Meet your Vet and get your prescription: First, fix an appointment with your Vet and get him to prescribe the necessary medications for your pet for say, 3 months or so. If your Vet prescribes it for a lesser time period, no problem. Get the prescription in hand as you need to fax it to the pet pharmacy later.

4. Hunt for online pet pharmacies: You can do this with a Google search. If you are a member of medical communities online, ask the members about the pharmacies you have chosen. Chances are you can meet people who have purchased in the pharmacies before. They will tell you the pros and cons of the pharmacies, which will help you decide.

5. Compare prices before shopping:
Different online pet pharmacies offer pet medicines at different rates. So, better to compare prices between pharmacies before you shop. You will save costs this way.

6. Order the medications:
After you have finalized your pharmacy, create an account in it and order the medications in the dosage, form and quantity you need. This is just like ordering non-prescription medications. You choose what you want for your pet – capsules, chewables, liquids and how many packets or bottles you need. Once you are done, proceed to checkout.

7. Give your billing information:
The next step would be provide all your personal details, billing information, including credit card number, shipping address, email address and phone number.

8. Provide your Vet’s name and contact information:
This is important as the pet pharmacy needs to verify with your Vet on the prescription. Since pet medications are not offered without prescriptions, this is a must for the pharmacy to proceed with the shipping process.

9. Fax your prescription: Once you fill in all the necessary information, you will be done with your order. You will be given an order number or account number. The next step is to fax your Vet’s prescription to the online pet pharmacy. Mention your name, contact information and account/order number in the faxed prescription. If your Vet has a fax machine at his clinic, you can request him to do this.

10. Wait for the medications and never bother about refills.
You are completely done when you fax your prescription. All you have to do next is wait for your pet’s medications to arrive. You need not worry about refilling your medications as the pharmacy will send you a reminder as to when the medications need to be refilled. Also, if you are ordering the same medications prescription is not required as you are in the pharmacy records now. You just need to order online before your current supply of medications run out.

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Pet prescriptions online: 10 steps to buying pet medicine online

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