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Online drugstores and discount drugs: 7 ways to save money on medications

Online drugstores are a great way to save money on medications. If you are un-insured or have problems with spending huge money on medications, opting for online pharmacies can cut down costs and help you bridge gaps financially. You gain a lot especially if you are a senior citizen or one having disability or immobility problems as you get your daily medications for lower prices at your doorstep. Cost is a major reason for the rising popularity of online drugstores. With recession still not out of the way, more and more Americans are looking to buy medications online to save costs.
There are seven simple ways in which you can save money on your medications:

1. Choose generic medications: If you are someone suffering from chronic illness, you can consult with you doctor and ask him if there are generic options for the branded-drugs he has prescribed to you. Generic medicines are far more cheaper than branded ones. They offer the same quality and are easily available with any pharmacy.

2. Compare prices before you buy: This is a must if you want to save money. Compare prices before you buy. There are some foreign pharmacies which offer lower prices compared to local, US-specific pharmacies. This is because they get the same medications at lower prices in their country and sell them for cheap to people in other countries.

3. Select new, emerging pharmacies: This is a bit risky, but nothing wrong in trying this. Try buying at pharmacies that have newly emerged. Some of them may offer discounts on bulk buys. Some may ship the medications to you for free or give you some generic medications as offers. Choose a pharmacy that offers discounts and is still legitimate to sell drugs online.

4. Buy in bulk: If you are on prescription for months or all year around, better to buy medications in bulk. Check the expiry dates of a medication and then order it in bulk, say for 2 or 3 months. Your pharmacy will remind you for refill. This will help you order drugs in advance, which in turn will save costs on drugs.

5. Buy less popular brands when buying OTC medications: This works, really! Pharmacies make a huge amount of money only from over-the-counter medications. These are medications that are used to treat common illnesses like fever, cough, cold, headaches, pains etc. So, if you are buying an OTC medication online, buy from a less-popular brand. The rates with such brands are cheap but they retain the quality of branded drugs.

6. Try pill splitting:
If you are taking varying doses of medication, you can try pill splitting. This works if you take particular mg of a medicine in the morning and a lesser dose of the same medicine at night. However, some medicines like capsules and enteric-coated pills cannot be split. So, you need to plan before you do pill splitting.

7. Ask your doctor for a cheaper therapy or alternative: If your doctor knows that you are concerned about the money involved in buying medications, chances are, he may suggest you a cheaper, alternative therapy. This can reduce costs phenomenally if you are suffering from chronic illnesses.

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Online drugstores and discount drugs: 7 ways to save money on medications

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