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Cut that extra dollar: 5 ways to compare prices between Online Pharmacies

Buying medications online can cut down costs if you know how to use online pharmacies properly. Online pharmacies offer drugs for cheaper prices than local, brick and mortar pharmacies. But that does not mean every other pharmacy offers the best price on a particular drug. There are pharmacies which put a higher price tag based on their reputation or the quality of their drugs. There are pharmacies which offer drugs at prices that are convenient and safe for any buyer. Only difference, they may lag behind in search engine rankings or popularity or they may have just started.

By following a step by step process you can choose the online pharmacy which offers the best price for your prescription drugs:

1. Search for safe, cost-effective pharmacies: This is the first step. Do a Google search and make a list of online pharmacies which you find cheap and safe. Filter pharmacies based on their reputation, authorization and whether or not they are approved by the NABP. Choose pharmacies that have the VIPPS seal on their website. You can find information on this in the NABP site For this selection purpose, you can seek help from reputed pharmacy review sites. They will give you detailed information on the nature and workings of the pharmacies you have chosen. Pharmacy review sites also have a lot of user reviews on the pharmacies you have gathered. From all this information, reduce your list of pharmacies to 10 or less than that.

2. Check the price of the drug you want to buy: Next step is to check the price, information and data on the product or medication which you want to buy from all the online pharmacies you have collected. Choose one site at a time. Note down the price of the medication in that particular site. Check if there is a reduction in price if you have insurance or health plan or drug plan. If yes, note the reduced price too. If your doctor has allowed you to take generics instead of brand-name drugs, find out if the online drugstore offers generic alternatives for your drug. Note the purchase price offered by the pharmacy for the brand-name drugs and its generic alternative.

3. Check the delivery/shipping price: Next, check the delivery price specified by the online pharmacy. Note down the estimated price, including the pharmacy’s delivery time line. Note the rates for both standard and express/speed delivery.

4. Write down the tax-cost for the drug: This is important if you are living in a locale that levies taxes on items bought online. Usually, an online pharmacy’s website will give the tax-cost estimate if you mention your address. Note such tax-cost as it is also inclusive of your product’s price.

5. Rinse, repeat: When you are done with all the 4 steps, estimate the total cost of the product and mark it in bold on your notepad or excel sheet (if you are using a computer). Do the same with all the online pharmacies you have collected. It would be tedious, but this is the best way out. If you can, do the same for all drugs you want to buy as you can decide on where to buy brand-name drugs and generics.

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Cut that extra dollar: 5 ways to compare prices between Online Pharmacies

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