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8 things to consider before buying ADHD drugs online

Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD is now a common condition with children and adults. Usually, ADHD is contracted by children and this results in lack of attention or impulsive and hyperactive behavior. Children with ADHD can cause embarrassment to their parents by their abnormal activities. Though ADHD is not life-threatening it can be a major worry to any parent. However, treating ADHD is easy with online pharmacies and consultations. Below are a few steps to follow before buying ADHD drugs online:

1. Do an online self-evaluation test:
To start with, you need to first diagnose if your child has Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder. If you suspect that your child has ADHD, don’t come to any conclusions immediately. Approach a reputed pharmacy and take up the self-evaluation test or questionnaire they have for ADHD. You need to fill up the questionnaire carefully, as it is regarding your child’s behavior. Try to be as objective as possible while doing the test. If your result is ADHD positive, the internet pharmacy will request you to consult with their resident doctor.

2. Take the test at least 3 times: This is the best way out. Take the test 3 times to find out if your child really has ADHD. For a change, you can ask your spouse or other resident family member to take up the test the other two times.

3. Compare test results: Taking 3 tests increases your chances of accuracy. If your test results are positive in at least 2 out of 3 tests, chances are your child has ADHD. If you want to be very sure about your child’s problem, trying taking tests with another reputed pharmacy. If you get a positive with that pharmacy too, then take your child to your physician.

4. Consult your physician:
Though online consultation works just as offline consultation, it is better to go to your child’s pediatrician for a check-up. He knows your child’s medical history and hence, will be able to do an accurate diagnosis of your child’s actual problem.

5. Research on medications:
If your doctor confirms that your child has ADHD, your next step should be to research on pharmacies for buying ADHD medications. Do a thorough research on the quantity, quality and price factors. Consider only FDA-approved pharmacies. You can check with your doctor on whether you can opt for generics, in case you have monetary issues. If your doctor has a tie-up with some online pharmacy, he may recommend you there.

6. Adderall and Concerta: Adderall is a commonly-used drug for ADHD. Approved by the FDA in 1996, Adderall is effective for a period of 6 hours. Taking Adderall your child need not take additional shots while in school. Since it is prescribed for various illnesses, it can be quite addictive for people without ADHD. Concerta is another popular drug for ADHD. Approved by the FDA in 2000, it cannot be taken without a physician’s instructions as it is contraindicated for other illnesses also.

7. Check the dosage, expiration date of drugs: When buying ADHD drugs, you need to check their expiration dates and dosage. This is important as some drugs expire within a short span of time. Also, read the medical information on dosage. If possible, it is better to have your doctor’s word on dosage.

8. Check your pharmacy’s reputation: Buy ADHD drugs only from licensed pharmacies. Choose a pharmacy that can remind you of refills and uses a convenient mode of payment. If you are doubtful of the pharmacy’s practices, inquire with BBB regarding its reputation.

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8 things to consider before buying ADHD drugs online

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