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Turn menopause into meno-ease: 5 tips to use Estradiol patch

Just like pregnancy and child birth, menopause is too a definitive and life-changing period in a woman’s life. It marks the end of a women’s potential for pregnancy, easing her out of the monthly menstrual cycle and all the ailments (headaches, back pain and other PMS symptoms) associated with it. But all is not pink with menopausal women as menopause causes several hormonal changes in the body.

Many women suffer from severe menopausal anxiety, depression, emotional trauma and physical changes associated with the change in hormonal levels. Estrogen levels in the body are particularly affected and this leads to weakness in bones, hot flashes and vaginal inflammation. Lack of Estradiol, a naturally secreted hormone in the body leads to several menopausal changes in the body. A synthetic form of Estradiol is used to treat these conditions in women.

Estradiol uses: Estradiol is the synthetic version of the Estradiol hormone produced in the body. A form of estrogen, Estradiol is necessary for several sexual and physical functions in the body. The drug is usually prescribed for treatment of usual symptoms of menopause in women. These include hot flashes, vaginal dryness, inflammation, bone weakness associated with osteoporosis etc. The drug is also used to reduce risk of heart attacks, strokes, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, symptoms of breast cancer and in Hormonal Replacement Therapy (HRT) for proper functioning of the body.

Estradiol dosage: Estradiol is available in pill, patch and cream form. Since Estradiol pills need to be metabolized in the liver, which can cause a lot of side effects and also result in the reduction of Estradiol/estrogen levels that are absorbed in the blood stream, many women prefer using the patch. What is exactly an estradiol patch? The estradiol transdermal patch is a small, round, flesh-colored patch that contains 1.94 mg of estradiol. It is stuck on to the skin and replaced once a week.

Estradiol side effects: Estradiol is not spared of side effects. At least 5% of the people who take the medication are affected by the side effects which include, headaches, nausea, breast pain, dizziness, risk of yeast infections, redness or irritation (on topical usage), flu-symptoms and joint pain. Hair loss, menstrual spotting and vomiting are other possible side effects.

Estradiol patch usage: Since the pill can increase the danger of side effects, many prefer to use the patch. Below are a few effective ways to use the estradiol patch:

1. Apply on clean skin. Your skin should be free of oils, dust, any body cream or lotions or other dirts. Wash and dry the area in which you plan to apply the patch.

2. Patch placement: This is important and some patches need to be applied in two places. You need to rotate each time. Lower abdomen and upper area of buttocks are the best places for patch placement.

3. Rotate patch placements: This is critical as application of the patch on the same area again and again can lead to severe skin problems. So you need to rotate the patches. On the lower abdomen, you can rotate from left to right. You can do the same with upper buttocks area too.

4. Bleeding or redness is normal: There maybe redness or irritation in the area of application of the patch. Once you remove the patch you will notice it. No need to panic in such a case as it is quite normal.

5. Use pressure to apply:
Stick the patch and press it for 10 minutes. Since the patch sticks to the skin, it requires pressure to be stuck completely. Else, it will fall off during a wash or change of clothes.

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Turn menopause into meno-ease: 5 tips to use Estradiol patch

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