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The pity of blistered skin: Pros and cons of using Elidel for eczema

Skin is pitiful to look at when it is inflamed or blistered or swollen. Eczema is a condition that is a convergence of a variety of skin inflammations like redness, itchiness, bumps on skin surface etc. Referred to us atopic dermatitis, Eczema occurs in people of any age, but the condition is common among infants. Sometimes people with eczema often have a family history of the disease or other related conditions like asthma or hay fever. On a general analysis, about 20% of children are said to have Eczema compared to which only 2% to 3% adults have the disease.

Eczema symptoms and treatments: Eczema is a series of skin conditions which can surface in the form of itchy skin, crusting or scaling skin, blisters, skin reddening and inflammations, oozing lesions etc. Though there is not a definite cause for eczema, malfunctioning of the immune system can be a possible cause. Other things like soaps, detergents, chemically-rich moisturizers, humidity, cosmetics, perfumes, deodorants, environmental allergy like dander, pollen, mold, air pollution, mites and even certain food stuffs can trigger the condition. The most infected parts of the body are scalp, forehead, cheeks, necks, forearms and legs. Flare-ups can vary from person to person. People who have chronic eczema see flare-ups recurring time and again.

There are generally two major kinds of topical cures for the condition: corticosteroids and immunomodulators. While corticosteroids work by reducing the itch and redness, immunomodulators operate by reducing the recurrence of flare-ups. Elidel is a topical cream belonging to the clan of immunomodulators.

Elidel in eczema therapy: Elidel contains pimecrolimus, an immunosuppressant that works by suppressing the effectiveness of the body’s immune system in the infected area. This can in turn, stop the body’s autoimmune reaction and slow down the growth of the dermatitis condition. This means the immune system will not show typical signs of infection on the affected sites. Though Elidel treats eczema to a great extent, overuse of the cream can have serious ramifications in your health. Studies say that Elidel can lead to skin cancer.

Dangers in using Elidel: Elidel, when it was released, was hailed as the first non-steroidal cream for treatment of eczema. People adored it as it cured the conditions without causing any side effects of the steroids. Studies revealed that Elidel works well with cases of eczema anywhere in the body – eyelids or face. But there’s a rub – the Therapy Guidelines committee of the British Administration of Dermatologists published a report which requested doctors to use Elidel as a second line treatment in eczema therapy. Later in 2006, the FDA issued warnings on the possibility of Elidel causing skin cancer. The FDA insisted that the drug carry a black box warning saying that it has the potential to cause skin or lymph node cancer. The dangers of using Elidel mounted with this announcement from FDA. Till now there is no proven link between Elidel and cancer, yet, considering that it could be a possible cause, many refrain from using it. The risk of cancer occurs due to Elidel’s immuno-suppressant nature.

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The pity of blistered skin: Pros and cons of using Elidel for eczema

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