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Snub pain with Butalbital: 7 warnings you need to know

Pain medication is available all over the United States. Be it a mild headache or a severeĀ  surgery or injury, pain is something we need to cope with in daily life. Pain killers and pain relievers of various kinds attend to our needs for treatment of pain. Butalbital, Fioricet, Carisopodol, Celebrex, Ultram, Tramadol and Ultracet are some of the common pain relief medications prevalent in the market. Butalbital, a popular painkiller, is associated with relief from mild to moderate pain, especially headaches and migraines.

Butalbital as pain reliever: Butalbital is a sedative barbiturate that is a combination of acetaminophen and caffeine. A non-narcotic pain medication, Butalbital works and relaxes the neck and head muscles that cause headaches and migraine. Added to that, Butalbital is used in the treatment of pain caused by minor injuries or surgeries. An orally administered drug, Butalbital comes in a variety of combinations and formulations to relieve pain. A combination of Butalbital, acetaminophen and caffeine works in a non-aspirin manner, completely snubbing pain out of your system.

Butalbital warnings (side effects and precautions): Butalbital is not as safe as you think. The drug has its own ifs and buts. A few warnings you need to know before taking Butalbital:

1. Drowsiness: A common side effect of Butalbital. So avoid activity that requires you to be on high alert in order to prevent accidents or damages. Until you fully know how your body responds to such hazardous activity, it is better for you to stay out of mentally-alert work.

2. Depressive patients: If you are a patient of depression or have a history of being affected by depression, avoid using the drug without consultation from a doctor.

3. Kidney or liver ailments:
Patients with kidney or liver ailments, or a history of body weakness or elderly people, should not take Butalbital without medical supervision as it can worsen your conditions, leading to severe abdominal trouble.

4. Watch over dosage: With regard to every drug, dosage is important. Butalbital can be taken twice every 4 to 6 hours. However, a daily dose should not exceed 6 tablets. Since overdose can result in serious problems and also since Butalbital has the potential to make people addictive, avoid over-use of the drug. The daily dose of acetaminophen should not exceed 4000 mg or 2000 mg depending on how frequently you use the drug. Each tablet of Butalbital contains 325 mg of acetaminophen and hence, one needs to keep a watch over intake of acetaminophen.

5. Drug tolerance: Over a period of time, the body develops tolerance to Butalbital. This may cause you to increase your pain medication dosage or try a different medication altogether. This is why one is advised to use the drug moderately.

6. Butalbital addiction: This is an important warning you need to be cautious of. You cannot throw out Butalbital easily if you have become used to it or have been taking it for a long time. The barbiturate and the caffeine in Butalbital has addictive properties which you can avoid if you take medications rarely and only when needed.

7. Butalbital side effects:
The drug can cause excitability, confusion, depression, breathing problems, drowsiness, dizziness, lightheadedness, gas, indigestion, insomnia, nausea, stomach pain or false sense of well-being in patients

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Snub pain with Butalbital: 7 warnings you need to know

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