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Rozerem for insomniacs: 15 side effects drug companies don’t want you to know

It was late night and Anna was on her usual pink sleeping gown and fuzzy blue socks. She took a sleeping pill and went to bed after one hour. After about 4 hours, she was on the middle of the road, surrounded by paramedics and policemen. Her car had hit a tree in the neighborhood and she was there with head on the wheel, still wearing the same pink gown and blue fuzzy socks. It took her time to realize that she had been sleep-driving.

Anna’s sleeping pill, a hypnotic drug, made her do that sleep-driving act. Rozerem is too a hypnotic drug for insomniacs. It is a sedative that stimulates the melatonin receptors in the body in order to induce sleep in an individual. Though it is a wonder drug, it has numerous side effects. Not all people who take the drug experience these side effects. Only a few do. And since Rozerem (ramelteon) is a hypnotic, it impairs mental perception and pushes your body toward sleep.

Some of the common side effects of Rozerem:

1. Drowsiness – This is found in as many as 5 percent of the people who take Rozerem

2. Dizziness – Common with many who take the drug.

3. Fatigue – Instead of sleep, sometimes you can be overcome with fatigue. The next day can be very tiresome for you.

4. Nausea – A sensation that stays on even after the drug-night is over.

5. Acute insomnia: Sometimes the drug will cause your insomnia to worsen and you will keep awake all night, making things worse than ever.

6. Respiratory infections like common cold and cough

7. Muscle pain – Occurs in about 2 percent of the people taking the drug

8. Depression: This is a rare side effect. Persistent sadness, anxious mental state, feelings of despair, pessimism, helplessness, guilt and worthlessness dominate the scene. Loss of appetite, fatigue, restlessness and irritability are too symptoms of depression caused by Rozerem.

9. Taste changes – You may not like the foods you used to like and may experience marked changes in your taste buds and your choice of likes/dislikes.

10. Influenza or Flu – This is a rare condition and has only one percent of occurrence.

11. Suicidal Thoughts – An aftermath or sign of depression. A normal, lively person may experience sudden thoughts of suicide.

12. Aggressive behavior, frustration: Sometimes you may turn over-aggressive and merciless when you take the drug. Frustration may also be a side effect.

13. Abnormal thinking and changes in behavior: Since the drug is a hypnotic, it can cause abnormal cognitive and behavioral changes in a person.

14. Hallucinations or confusion: Bizarre behavior, agitation, maniac-like acts, amnesia – are some of the adverse side effects.

15. Increased Prolactin levels can result in menstrual changes, breast discharge, reduced interest in sex, fertility problems (in both males and females).

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Rozerem for insomniacs: 15 side effects drug companies don’t want you to know

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