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Quit cold turkey or decrease gradually? 7 steps to stop Lexapro habit

One needs to be more cautious while using antidepressants. This is because from being a cure to your depression or anxiety they turn into a curse when you withdraw from them. This is why many doctors hesitate to prescribe antidepressants or anxiety medications for common problems like general anxieties. If you have been prescribed with antidepressants and feel that it is the right time for you to quit the habit of taking them, this article maybe of great use to you.

Lexapro and SSRI drugs: Lexapro or escitalopram is an antidepressant which controls the chemicals in the brain. Lexapro is a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI) which balances the serotonin levels in the brain that influence mood changes in a person. Dubbed as a feel-good chemical, serotonin is expected to relieve one of depression and bring in peace of mind. The drug can be prescribed for any individual or child above 12 years of age. Lexapro should be taken at the same time each day to track the amount of dosage taken and to be consistent with the drug habit. Some people discontinue Lexapro after anxiety or depression symptoms disappear. This is wrong. You need to complete the full course prescribed by your doctor to get complete relief, else your symptoms will start to reappear.

Lexapro withdrawal: Though SSRIs are highly effective, they do bring with them a lot of side effects and withdrawal symptoms. Clinical studies state that 4 to 6 weeks of Lexapro is the ideal dosage to treat depression or anxiety. Once the patient is fully recovered and feels like life is going on a new and happy mode, it is time to discontinue Lexapro. But how do you discontinue a SSRI antidepressant like Lexapro? Do you take up a cold turkey approach or gradually decrease the dosage of the medication? A cold turkey approach can lead to worsening of conditions and acute withdrawal symptoms. What was once a cure can become a curse if you withdraw abruptly.

There are three main stages in withdrawal – Getting Prepared, Pre-taper and Taper. Here are a few tips to withdraw from the Lexapro habit:

Getting Prepared

1. Prepare yourself: Read all you can about withdrawal symptoms that can happen on account of stopping antidepressants.

2. Get your supplements ready:
Withdrawal symptoms can be acute and you may need a whole dose of supplements to cope with them. Consult with your doctor and get ready with a list of supplements you may need.

3. Go for a check-up: Keep track of all the other ailments you may have. Schedule a complete check up with your physician which would help you identify your symptoms.


4. Take supplements: Schedule a particular time to take each supplement. Discuss with your health care professional on this. But begin taking the drug one at a time or start taking a new one every four or five days.

5. Keep a journal: Maintain a journal of what happens to you. Inform your doctor all about your emotional changes (positive or negative) in your journal.

6. Exercise:
Don’t make any drastic changes to your exercise schedule. If you are exercising already, continue. If you don’t exercise, add a walk to your exercise regime. But do not engage in any vigorous exercises now.


7. Start withdrawal process: Start reducing your dosage of Lexapro. Do this as instructed by your doctor. Note down all symptoms and consult with your doctor on them.

PLEASE NOTE : OnlinePharmacyForum.Com recommends personal consultation with a doctor. The dangers in buying medications online include the online drugstore selling counterfeit, expired or contaminated medications to you. Sometimes the drugs that you receive may have been prepared by unethical means or using unusual substances. This is why you should buy drugs from a licensed and FDA-approved pharmacy; after consulting with a doctor and getting a valid prescription.

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Quit cold turkey or decrease gradually? 7 steps to stop Lexapro habit

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