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PMS is history, periods are blue moons: Birth control with Seasonale

There were times when the society viewed pregnancy as a blessing and having many children as a boon. Then, the monthly menstrual cycles were associated with the celebration of womanhood and the joy of creation of a new life (in the form of a baby). Times have changed and so have women and the society’s attitude to things peculiar to femininity. Modern, working single women or moms do not often view pregnancy or menstrual cycle as a boon, but as a curse (especially if it hinders their work and lifestyle). The monthly period is viewed as  a week of stress, irritation and emotional intensity. Pre- and Post Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) and menstrual cramps add to the pain of the periods.

Birth control pills for contraception: Oral contraception has become easier with the discovery of the Pill in the 1960s. Women of today have about 40 different types of birth control pills to choose from. The two most common types of pills are – combination pills and mini-pills. While combination pills have a combination of two hormones, mini-pills prevent pregnancy through one hormone – progestin. Birth control pills are also a great way to control the menstrual cycle of women. They do not just serve to avoid pregnancy but also avoid periods. Seasonale is a combination birth control pill that works to prevent pregnancy and periods in women.

Seasonale for birth control: Seasonale is an oral contraceptive that has two types of hormones in it – ethinyl estradiol (or estrogen) and levonorgestrel, a progestin. Both these hormones are present in the synthetic duplicates of the hormones that induce ovulation in the body. An effective birth control agent, Seasonale is a low-dose hormone pill that avoids hormone overload in the body.

How does Seasonale work? Like all birth control pills, Seasonale works by keeping ovulation at bay. By controlling the level of hormones in the ovary and the brain, the drug makes the body believe that it is pregnant and thereby stops ovulation or release of eggs. It also makes the cervical mucus lining very thick to prevent the sperm from floating to the fallopian tubes. Even if a sperm gets into the fallopian tubes, there are no eggs for it to fertilize as there is no ovulation in the body. If, by chance, a Zygote (or fertilized egg) is formed, the egg is denied support from the body, thereby preventing it from developing into a fetus.

How is Seasonale different from others? Seasonale is a pack of 84 pills, very different from the usual 21-pill pack of normal oral contraceptives. There are no placebo pills as Seasonale comprises of all active pills which prevent women from menstruating for most time of the year. The pill  is proved to cause only 4 menstrual cycles a year.

Seasonale – troubles and hiccups: Seasonale can cause breakthrough bleeding. Sometimes the bleeding can be as heavy as a normal period or as light as occasional spotting. This can be a pain as women taking Seasonale would not know when they would become victim to this unexpected bleeding. Another pain point is, Seasonale increases risks of heart attacks, strokes and hypertension like that of other combination birth control pills. For those who believe that getting your period every month is a kind of natural cleansing done by the body, Seasonale could be an artificial overload of hormones and forceful control of body’s natural process.

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PMS is history, periods are blue moons: Birth control with Seasonale

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