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Nip it in the bud with Denavir: 5 ways to treat cold sores at first tingling signs

Cold sores can cause pain and irritation in any individual. It is found out that about one in 4 adults contract cold sores in their life time and about 80 to 90% of adults carry the Herpes Simplex Virus I (the cause of cold sores). Cold sores are different from canker sores in that they occur outside the mouth, in the lip, below the nose and sometimes even the chin area. Canker sores, on the other hand, appear inside the mouth and they are also not caused by herpes. Cold sores virus, even after treatment, stays dormant in the body and reappears when the body becomes weak.

Cold sores spread by skin to skin contact and are recurrent in some. Many spread the herpes virus in the saliva they split. Stress, sun exposure, anxiety and flu are some of the causes of cold sore outbreak.

Denavir in cold sores treatment: Denavir, a topical cream made of penciclovir, is commonly used in the treatment of cold sores. Approved by the FDA as early as 1996, Denavir is very popular and effective in treatment, thanks to its minimal side effects and antiviral properties. On testing, it was found out that Denavir was more efficient in treatment of cold sores than the other popular drug placebo. Much had been said about the drug’s efficacy, one of them is, Denavir has the potential to cure a cold sore even before its eruption on the skin.  There are many chances of recurrent cold sores in individuals. As many as 40 million Americans are said to be suffering from this herpes virus every year.

There are several ways in which you can treat cold sores with Denavir. Some of them are:

1. Keep them in check: If you have experienced recurrent attacks of cold sores, it is better for you to carry the Denavir cream always with you. When you experience the first sign of tingling, you can apply it and get the sore cured without appearing.

2. Dosage: Beware of the dosage of Denavir. You need to apply the cream on the infected or to-be-infected area every 2 hours during daytime till sleep hours. You need not avoid overdosing of the drug.  Not using it as prescribed can result in possible side effects.

3. Avoid contact: Cold sores spread from skin to skin contact. They are highly contagious especially in the form of cold sores. Added to that, they are source of social embarrassment. So, if you are some who is shy of cold sores, avoid intimate contact with others.

4. Work of Denavir: The cream works by penetrating the skin and blocking the DNA synthesis of the virus. This nullifies the whole viral structure, leading to reduced growth of the virus and thereby, future outbreaks.

5. Don’t use for other purposes: Denavir should be used only for treatment of cold sores or as prescribed by the doctor. If the drug is used for other conditions, numerous side effects occur. The drug should not be administered for genital herpes. Also, do not exceed recommended usage as it causes irritation when overdosed or brought in contact with mouth, nose, eyes or any other open wounds.

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Nip it in the bud with Denavir: 5 ways to treat cold sores at first tingling signs

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