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Life on the rocks: 3 important reasons why Zyloprim is a savior to chronic gout sufferers

Gout is an acute form of arthritis caused by the build-up of uric acid in the bloodstream. Uric acid, a body waste, is normally excreted through the kidney. When this excretion fails to happen or if the body produces excess uric acid, there is a build-up of uric acid which manifests in the form of crystals in the joints. These uric acid crystals cause inflammation, redness, swelling and needle-like acute pain. All the joints are gradually eaten up by uric acid deposits, leading to osteoarthritis and destruction of joints. When conditions worsen, gout paralyzes an individual’s mobility forever.

Chronic gout sufferers: Chronic gout is one of the worst things that can happen to any man or woman. Gout, generally occurs in men than women. Chronic gout is a condition wherein the patient has had several gout attacks and has the possibility of more. Since gout attacks cannot be predicted and can happen overnight, many gout patients do not know the possibility of a future attack. Many tend to treat the attack symptoms and fail to take preventive measures to avoid future attacks. Zyloprim is a drug that prevents gout attacks.

Zyloprim for chronic gout treatment: Zyloprim, the brand name for the generic drug Allopurinol, is used all over in the treatment of chronic gout. The drug works by managing the uric acid levels in the body and thereby preventing future attacks of gout. It is important to take the medication even if there are no signs of improvement. Zyloprim takes longer to respond in chronic gout patients.

Why is Zyloprim effective? There are a few reasons why Zyloprim is effective in the treatment of chronic gout:

1. Preventive: There are several drugs used in gout treatment, but only one or two like Zyloprim prevents gout attacks, all the others treat the attacks that are already underway.

2. Stops uric acid: Unlike many drugs, Zyloprim treats the root of the problem. It cures gout in an indirect yet sensible way. It stops production of uric acid in the body. When this is done, automatically, the body starts using the uric acid deposits/crystals in the joints. This treats the gout symptoms in a gradual way.

3. With other drugs: Zyloprim can be taken with other gout medications like Colchicine or other NSAIDs to treat the symptoms of attacks that have already happened. There are no interactions with the other gout drugs. However, it is better not to take Zyloprim with Vitamin C as it can reduce the effectiveness of the drug. Other drugs which need to be avoided include, Amoxicillin, Ampicillin, Blood thinners, Cyclosporine, Mercaptopurine, Probencaid, Theophylline, Thiazide diuretics etc.

Side effects of Zyloprim: As with any other drug, Zyloprim has its own set of side effects. Since chronic gout is a rare disease, side effects cannot be anticipated in treatment of it. This is also because the doctor usually starts your dosage of Zyloprim in a very small quantity. Some of the serious side effects include, further gout attacks,  severe skin disorders, diarrhea, nausea, rashes, liver and kidney damage (if already affected).

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Life on the rocks: 3 important reasons why Zyloprim is a savior to chronic gout sufferers

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