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Is your child pinworm-ed? Don’t panic, Vermox helps

Pinworm infections are one of the most common worm infections in the United States. Surveys reveal that about 40 million Americans are infected by pinworms every year, most of the victims being school children or pre-school children. Pinworm infection can pass through skin contact and infected surface contact. Children who are affected carry the infection in their hands (if they are unclean), bed linens, clothing, underwear, toys etc.

What is exactly a pinworm infection? Pinworms are a type of white roundworms that live as parasites in the human body. They infect the large intestine and bowel region. They can occur in any kind of socio-economic group. A general myth is only dirty children get pinworms. No. Since the infection spreads by human contact, anyone, howsoever clean the person is, can contract pinworms. Animals do not harbor the virus and human beings are the natural host to the virus. Pinworm symptoms: Pinworm symptoms are not difficult to detect. An itchy rectal area is the most common symptom. The rectal area gets infected because the female pinworm viruses which are most active at the night, move to the anus and lay new set of eggs there. These eggs, when they hatch, infect the rectum, causing itchiness.

Vermox as pinworm-killer:
Vermox or mebendazole is an anti-worm medication that is used in the treatment of pinworm. Though the worm is itchy and often irritating, pinworm infections are easy and simple to treat. When they occur in children, a dose of Vermox can set things right. Usually, Vermox is administered in the form of chewable tablets. The ideal dosage is an initial dose, followed up another dose two weeks later. An antihelmintic, Vermox prevents the growth and multiplication of pinworms in the body. The drug can also be crushed, mixed with food and taken.

Vermox – Possible side effects: Though Vermox is a harmless medication that can be administered to all children above 2 years of age, there are a few side effects that can upset your child’s routine. Stomach problems, nausea, vomiting, headache, diarrhea, abdominal pain and hair loss are a few less serious side effects. Severe side effects include, rashes, hives, itchiness and fatigue. However, severe side effects are less common with Vermox users. It is better that people with liver or intestinal disorders like ulcerative colitis do not take Vermox without medical supervision.

Tips to cure pinworm infection: Below are a few tips to cure pinworm infection:

1. Treat your whole family  even if only one child is affected. Since the infection can spread even through unclean toilet, better to take preventatives that can protect the whole family.

2. Vermox kills only the pinworms and stops them from multiplication. It does not treat the itching completely. So, it is better if you take ointments or lotions to alleviate the itching.

3. Washing hands is a must. Teach your children the habit of washing hands regularly. This can avoid a lot of unnecessary infection.

4. Though pets are not carriers of pinworm infection, they can sometimes spread the infection. So, be sure to treat your pets properly.

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Is your child pinworm-ed? Don’t panic, Vermox helps

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