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Imitrex and the triptan class of drugs: 10 don’ts you need to consider

Migraines are a real pain. Many Americans suffer from migraines for most part of their lives. They disrupt day to day life, work and even relationships. Above all, they cause acute pain to the individual suffering from the disorder. Imitrex is the first-ever FDA-approved drug in the triptan class of drugs. Unlike other headache drugs, Imitrex works by narrowing blood vessels in the brain and reducing inflammation. Imitrex contains serotonin 5-HT1 receptor agonist (triptan) to cure migraine headaches with or without aura. It is available as capsule and nasal spray.

Though Imitrex is a great cure for migraine headaches, not all patients take to the drug easily. Some have problems with the drug’s dosage and content. Below are 10 don’ts you need to be careful about before taking Imitrex.

1. Don’t use Imitrex if you are allergic to any of the contents in the drug. Check the label thoroughly and if there is a drug that can cause allergic reactions in you, consult your doctor on whether you need to take Imitrex or not. Your doctor may give you an alternative or reduce the dosage.

2. Don’t take Imitrex if you have severe blood pressure problems or liver disorders as it can lead to life-threatening situations.

3. Don’t use the drug in case of diseases. If you have or have had a present or past history of the following diseases, never use the drug – disease of this category include ischemic heart disease or angina, heart attack; coronary artery disease (CAD), moderate to severe heart problems, brain blood vessel diseases like stroke, ischemic attacks; Raynaud syndrome, ischemic bowel disease etc.

4. Don’t use if you have other migraines. The drug can be harmful if you use it to treat migraines that are a result of other causes like hemiplegic or basilar.

5. Don’t use if you have taken monamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) within the past 14 days. An example of MAOI is phenelzine.

6. Don’t take if you have taken certain other migraine medications within the past 24 hours. These medications include ergot derivatives like dihydroergotamine, methysergide and serotonins like eletriptan and rizatriptan.

7. Don’t take Imitrex if you are taking Sibutramine on a regular basis. This can cause hazardous conditions.

8. Don’t take the drug if you are pregnant, want to be pregnant or breastfeeding. Don’t take the drug if you are allergic to certain foods, medicines and substances or if you are taking any prescription or non-prescription herbal medication or dietary supplement.  Consult a doctor before you do any of these.

9. Don’t take the drug if you are a woman past menopause or a man above 40 years of age. Seek medical guidance if you need to take the drug.

10. Don’t take Imitrex if you have kidney problems, liver disorders, past history of epilepsy, seizures, cluster headaches etc. Don’t take the medication without doctor’s advice if you have experienced shortness of breath, chest pain, stroke, diabetes or high cholesterol.

PLEASE NOTE : OnlinePharmacyForum.Com recommends personal consultation with a doctor. The dangers in buying medications online include the online drugstore selling counterfeit, expired or contaminated medications to you. Sometimes the drugs that you receive may have been prepared by unethical means or using unusual substances. This is why you should buy drugs from a licensed and FDA-approved pharmacy; after consulting with a doctor and getting a valid prescription.

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Imitrex and the triptan class of drugs: 10 don’ts you need to consider

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