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Does it hurt in the head? Squash your tension-headaches with Fioricet

Fioricet is a combination drug used as a pain reliever in the treatment of headaches and migraines. Consisting of three drugs – acetaminophen, butalbital and caffeine – Fioricet eases tension-headaches or highly-stressful conditions. Though Fioricet is not expressly marketed as a pain-killer, it works exceptionally well as pain-relief medication too.

Fioricet composition: Fioricet is composed of acetaminophen, butalbital and caffeine. Each drug has its unique properties and are combined in the right measures to make Fioricet work. Acetaminophen is a popular pain-reliever used in the treatment of pain. An over the counter drug, it works with other ingredients to relieve pain in Tylenol. As a pain-relief medication, acetaminophen alleviates the pain caused by tension-headaches. Butalbital is a muscle relaxant that relaxes and soothes the tension in the muscles. A sedative and a barbiturate, Butalbital works with the other combination drugs to make Fioricet work for patients. Caffeine is found in many drugs, food and beverages, including coffee, tea and colas. In Fioricet, caffeine enhances the effectiveness of acetaminophen, giving a buzz effect after taking the drug.

Fioricet – precautions to be taken: Fioricet maybe a great combination drug, but there are many precautions to be taken to make the drug work effectively on your body.

1. Avoid overdose: The combination drugs can cause havoc in case of an overdose. Acetaminophen is a well-known pain reliever that is present in almost all drugs, so you need to check which of the other medications (you take regularly) has acetaminophen to avoid overdose of the drug. Similarly with caffeine as it is present even in food and beverages. Overdose can result in conditions like caffeine-nervousness.

2. Barbiturate dependency:
Barbiturates have the habit of making people dependent on them. People tend to get addicted to the class of drugs, which in turn may result in rebound headaches. You can avoid barbiturate dependency if you take drugs within the recommended dosage. Consult your doctor regarding this. As barbiturate dependency is difficult to cure, it is better to prevent it before getting addicted.

3. Avoid heavy or important work: Fioricet is a sedative and hence can result in drowsiness after consumption. This is why you should avoid taking the drug before handling heavy machinery or driving or playing soccer or any other important activity that requires you to be completely alert.

Fioricet side effects:
Like every other drug, Fioricet too has its own side effects. Common side effects include vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain, anxiety, nervousness, drowsiness, shortness or difficulty in breathing. If you suspect an overdose of the drug, contact your local emergency center immediately. It is not easy to come out of Fioricet if you have become dependent on it. You need to reduce your dosage gradually in order to avoid severe negative side effects. Do this with the help of your physician. Fioricet can be bought online, but you need a prescription for buying the drug.

PLEASE NOTE : OnlinePharmacyForum.Com recommends personal consultation with a doctor. The dangers in buying medications online include the online drugstore selling counterfeit, expired or contaminated medications to you. Sometimes the drugs that you receive may have been prepared by unethical means or using unusual substances. This is why you should buy drugs from a licensed and FDA-approved pharmacy; after consulting with a doctor and getting a valid prescription.

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Does it hurt in the head? Squash your tension-headaches with Fioricet

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