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6 things to note while using Synalar cream for skin care

Skin care is as important as caring for any part of the body. Skin diseases like eczema or psoriasis can be debilitating socially, psychologically and physically. Millions of Americans suffer from mild to severe skin irritations and disorders. In some cases, though a complete cure is not possible, treatment of skin conditions is possible. Synalar cream is a topical steroid cream used in the treatment of skin infections. The cream reduces the effect of chemicals that cause inflammation, redness, swelling and itching in the skin.

Synalar cream – How does it work? Synalar is used to treat skin conditions like eczema, allergic skin reactions, seborrhea and psoriasis. It works by inhibiting the chemicals that cause skin irritation when the body meets with allergens. A corticosteroid, the flucinolone cream is used for control of  inflammatory responses of the immune system to the skin. When applied to the skin, the cream is absorbed into the skin cells, resulting in reduction of chemicals causing allergic reactions.
Synalar uses: Synalar is used for a variety of skin infections like skin eruptions, eczema, inflammation of the outer ear, irritation of the skin caused by allergens, dermatitis conditions, greasy, red and scaly areas called seborrhoeic dermatitis, skin disorders like psoriasis, lichen planus, thickened skin rashes caused by excessive scratching to relieve itching and neurodermatitis.

Synalar – Things to note: Though Synalar is a wonder topical cream, there are a few warnings you need to be aware of:

1. Avoid long term usage: Corticosteroids when used long term on large areas of skin can cause skin thinning and decrease in production of natural hormones by the adrenal glands.

2. Use only as topical cream: Synalar is a topical cream, do not use it on open wounds, cuts, bruises or on sensitive areas like eyes, mouth, nose openings and genitals.

3. Go for regular check-ups: If you are being treated for psoriasis, you need to go for regular check-ups  with doctor. This is because only then you can know the effectiveness of the cream and also avoid any mishaps likely to occur due to allergic reactions to the cream.

4. Do not use Synalar on face: You should not use the cream on face for more than five days. To check whether the cream has any side effects, apply for two days and then continue if you do not find any side effects.

5. Do not use for acne: Synalar should not be used for acne vulgaris, chronic inflammation on face, herpes simplex, fungi, thrush, ringworm, athlete’s foot, bacteria, perirol dermatitis, nappy rash, plaque psoriasis, back passage and genitals.

6. Do not use for pregnancy and breastfeeding: The drug should be used with caution during pregnancy or breastfeeding. To avoid trouble, do not use the medication during pregnancy unless essential.

PLEASE NOTE : OnlinePharmacyForum.Com recommends personal consultation with a doctor. The dangers in buying medications online include the online drugstore selling counterfeit, expired or contaminated medications to you. Sometimes the drugs that you receive may have been prepared by unethical means or using unusual substances. This is why you should buy drugs from a licensed and FDA-approved pharmacy; after consulting with a doctor and getting a valid prescription.

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6 things to note while using Synalar cream for skin care

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