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Online Drugstore Test: 10 signs of fake Internet pharmacies

The scene of people buying prescription medications online is becoming increasingly common in the United States. Thanks to the mushrooming of thousands of online pharmacies, U.S. people are benefiting from cheap rates and doorstep-delivery of medications. These online pharmacies help people save money for tough times as they offer expensive medications at lower prices and [...]

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Doctors are dead: How to get prescriptions through online questionnaires

59-year-old Donita Gano woke up one Sunday morning and hit her elbow against a wall, causing a painful wound. A public nurse living in Hawaii, all that Donita could find that Sunday was an online pharmacy which had an in-house doctor to offer online consultation to patients and drug-seekers. Donita logged into her account with [...]

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Pet prescriptions online: 10 steps to buying pet medicine online

Buying pet medications online is a wiser thing to do than buying them offline at a pet pharmacy. This is because pet medications are cheaper and easier to get online. So, if your dog or cat is on prescription medication and if you take pains to buy them every time from the local pet pharmacy, [...]

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