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Cyber-medicine, cyber-pharmacies and the business of trading drugs over the Internet

Cyber-medicine or cyber-pharmacies are nothing knew to web users. Just as every other thing sold online, medications are becoming popular online sales items. Online drugstores and pharmacies are mushrooming all over the world so much so authorities are still struggling to set proper regulations on the industry. Let’s take a look at the three different [...]

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Selling medications online: 4 steps to launch a successful online pharmacy

Online drugstores are the order of the day in the United States. If you do not know about them, they are nothing but pharmacies that sell drugs online. You can login to these pharmacies, shop your prescription drugs, pay for them and then, get them delivered at your doorstep. With Internet drugstores growing day after [...]

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Types of online pharmacies

There are two major types of online pharmacies: Prescription required online pharmacies. These are licensed to comply with regulations like any other pharmacy.  Each user first opens an account and sends in the details of his credit card and medical insurance.  The patient or his doctor sends in a valid prescription by conventional mail. The [...]

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Internet’s new can of worms: Rogue pharmacies run by unqualified people

No Prescription? No Problem! You can buy drugs from us! – Rogue pharmacies are rampant all over the internet. Rogue pharmacies are illegitimate drugstores that sell or practice what is banned by the Food and Drug Association (FDA). Some of these pharmacies have sites affiliated to spammers, while some others offer to import controlled medications [...]

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