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Myths, Facts and Truths about Online Pharmacies

Online pharmacies can benefit people in saving money and reducing time spent on buying medications. Though there are thousands of online pharmacies all over the world, people have only now warmed up to the idea of buying drugs online. However, only few are well-informed of the truths about internet pharmacies, while others like senior citizens [...]

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Online Pharmacy 101: FAQ on internet pharmacies and buying medications online

Online pharmacies have changed the way we deal with prescriptions. They have reformed our perspectives on medications, educating us on how we can save money if we act a little smarter. Internet pharmacies, with their lower drug prices, varied drug options and a load of facilities like doorstep delivery, automated refill, refill reminders, online order [...]

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Does it stink? How to smell counterfeit drugs from good ones

Counterfeit drugs have become more common with the boom in online pharmacy business. Though not all pharmacies sell counterfeit drugs, there are a few that do it for gaining more money. What are counterfeit drugs? Counterfeit drugs are drugs that are fake. They are drugs that are produced with wrong or harmful ingredients. Such drugs [...]

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Over The Counter: 7 tips to buy safe and effective OTC drugs online

Over The Counter or OTC drugs that can be bought off the shelf from a pharmacy. They do not require any prescription and are most often taken for common ailments like cough, cold, pain relief etc. It is said that most of the pharmacies make a lot of money with OTC drugs as they are [...]

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E-Prescribing of medications: A blessing to online pharmacies

E-Prescribing, as it is widely known, is the use of an electronic data entry system to create a prescription for patients. The e-prescribing technology has been greatly encouraged by the Federal Government through its Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act of 2008 (MIPPA). MIPPA provides incentives to physicians who practice e-prescribing and has paved [...]

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Generics vs. Branded drugs: Is it the Devil vs the Deep Blue sea?

Generics are generic medications that are sold without patent or brand name. Generics are plentiful in number and are cheaper than branded drugs. They are far more cheaper in online pharmacies as the pharmacies try to offer generics at the best possible prices. Though generic drugs have so many pluses, they have a few minuses [...]

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Internet Pharmacy Dangers: Is your teen buying medications online?

A shocking fact was revealed during a recent survey on buying prescription medications over the internet – sixth-graders are ordering drugs illegally and their parents don’t have a clue as to what their kids are doing. The shocking fact was revealed in an annual report of internet access to controlled medicines, titled ‘You’ve got drugs’. [...]

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24 reasons why you should buy prescription drugs online

Buying prescription medications online can be useful in more than one way. Though labeled as convenient, cost-effective and easy, online pharmacies help us shrug off a lot of irritations along the way from the doctor’s to the pharmacy store. You get rid of waiting room blues, rigmarole of clinics, refill nuisance and a whole lot [...]

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4 uncommon suggestions to save money on prescription drugs

With recession creeping into our homes and the economic climate becoming tougher than ever, health care has become a huge concern for many Americans. Balancing finances within the family has become a difficult job with rising unemployment, medication prices and home rents/loans. In such a cluttered and confused scenario, buying prescription drugs for yourself or [...]

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