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5 most-common complaints about online pharmacies and how to resolve them

Online pharmacies are undoubtedly a great way to save money and shop medications privately. But things can go wrong sometimes and your online buying experiment can be a disaster. This is why it is necessary to check an online pharmacy thoroughly before you choose to buy from it. There are situations where even reputed pharmacies [...]

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The Online Pharmacy boom: A convenient, private way to health

If you are like many Americans, chances are, you or your family member is on prescription medication that needs to be renewed at different times of the month. It maybe an elderly family member or your spouse or you, but one of you takes multiple trips to the local pharmacy store to buy or refill [...]

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Selling medications online: 4 steps to launch a successful online pharmacy

Online drugstores are the order of the day in the United States. If you do not know about them, they are nothing but pharmacies that sell drugs online. You can login to these pharmacies, shop your prescription drugs, pay for them and then, get them delivered at your doorstep. With Internet drugstores growing day after [...]

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Internet’s new can of worms: Rogue pharmacies run by unqualified people

No Prescription? No Problem! You can buy drugs from us! – Rogue pharmacies are rampant all over the internet. Rogue pharmacies are illegitimate drugstores that sell or practice what is banned by the Food and Drug Association (FDA). Some of these pharmacies have sites affiliated to spammers, while some others offer to import controlled medications [...]

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Online pharmacy reviews: 11 ways in which they can help you choose the best out there

Online pharmacy reviews sites exist with the sole purpose of helping buyers measure and compare online pharmacies. They review online pharmacies, providing complete information on each and every aspect of a pharmacy – including a pharmacy’s practices, its license and legal issues, reputation, customer service, online transaction efficiency, delivery speed, authenticity and the quality of [...]

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Buy pills and print pictures at the same place: Pharmacies offering online photo services

With the rise in number of online pharmacy users, pharmacies are trying out all possible ways to establish themselves in the market. Some online pharmacies try to launch themselves as specialty stores offering everything from drugs to gifts to personal care items. A few online pharmacies have gone to the extent of turning into photo [...]

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5 ways to spot ripoff pharmacies using FDA and NABP guidelines

If you are looking to buy medications online, you may have researched a bit on online pharmacies and gathered opinions, pros and cons of such pharmacies. You might have by now known that online pharmacies are cost-effective, convenient and private to buy drugs. You might have also known that pharmacy errors can lead to serious [...]

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Myths, Facts and Truths about Online Pharmacies

Online pharmacies can benefit people in saving money and reducing time spent on buying medications. Though there are thousands of online pharmacies all over the world, people have only now warmed up to the idea of buying drugs online. However, only few are well-informed of the truths about internet pharmacies, while others like senior citizens [...]

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Pharmacy Medication Error Attorneys: How to sue online pharmacy malpractices

With online pharmacies gaining popularity all over the world, more people are buying medications online. Many pharmacies have jumped into the business to meet the demand. With the demand growing day after day, more unreliable and unauthorized pharmacies are competing to gain ground in the industry. This situation has escalated pharmacy medication errors to a [...]

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4 things the Fed does not want you to know about Foreign Online Pharmacies

Everyone knows that ordering prescriptions from foreign pharmacies are much cheaper than ordering brand-name medications from local online pharmacies. Canadian online pharmacies are a favorite among American citizens to buy prescription drugs as these pharmacies sell drugs at cheaper and not-heard-of-prices in the U.S.. What more, there are so many Canadian pharmacies that are well-regulated [...]

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