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Internet’s new can of worms: Rogue pharmacies run by unqualified people

No Prescription? No Problem! You can buy drugs from us! – Rogue pharmacies are rampant all over the internet. Rogue pharmacies are illegitimate drugstores that sell or practice what is banned by the Food and Drug Association (FDA). Some of these pharmacies have sites affiliated to spammers, while some others offer to import controlled medications [...]

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Online pharmacy reviews: 11 ways in which they can help you choose the best out there

Online pharmacy reviews sites exist with the sole purpose of helping buyers measure and compare online pharmacies. They review online pharmacies, providing complete information on each and every aspect of a pharmacy – including a pharmacy’s practices, its license and legal issues, reputation, customer service, online transaction efficiency, delivery speed, authenticity and the quality of [...]

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Buy pills and print pictures at the same place: Pharmacies offering online photo services

With the rise in number of online pharmacy users, pharmacies are trying out all possible ways to establish themselves in the market. Some online pharmacies try to launch themselves as specialty stores offering everything from drugs to gifts to personal care items. A few online pharmacies have gone to the extent of turning into photo [...]

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