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Foreign Online Pharmacies: To buy or not to buy?

High price of prescription drugs in the United States has led many people to buy medications from foreign online pharmacies. Though there is nothing potentially harmful in choosing a foreign pharmacy to buy medications online, you need to understand certain issues involved in such buying. Foreign pharmacies are cheaper and convenient to buy drugs as [...]

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Online drugstores and discount drugs: 7 ways to save money on medications

Online drugstores are a great way to save money on medications. If you are un-insured or have problems with spending huge money on medications, opting for online pharmacies can cut down costs and help you bridge gaps financially. You gain a lot especially if you are a senior citizen or one having disability or immobility [...]

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The curious case of splitting tablets to save money: Is it safe?

Prescription drugs cost high even when they are brought through online pharmacies. While some people find generic alternatives to cut costs, a few others resort to creative ways like splitting tablets. In the latter case, people request their doctor to give a higher strength prescription and then, split the tablets into half to get the [...]

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5 ways to spot ripoff pharmacies using FDA and NABP guidelines

If you are looking to buy medications online, you may have researched a bit on online pharmacies and gathered opinions, pros and cons of such pharmacies. You might have by now known that online pharmacies are cost-effective, convenient and private to buy drugs. You might have also known that pharmacy errors can lead to serious [...]

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Myths, Facts and Truths about Online Pharmacies

Online pharmacies can benefit people in saving money and reducing time spent on buying medications. Though there are thousands of online pharmacies all over the world, people have only now warmed up to the idea of buying drugs online. However, only few are well-informed of the truths about internet pharmacies, while others like senior citizens [...]

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Cut that extra dollar: 5 ways to compare prices between Online Pharmacies

Buying medications online can cut down costs if you know how to use online pharmacies properly. Online pharmacies offer drugs for cheaper prices than local, brick and mortar pharmacies. But that does not mean every other pharmacy offers the best price on a particular drug. There are pharmacies which put a higher price tag based [...]

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24 reasons why you should buy prescription drugs online

Buying prescription medications online can be useful in more than one way. Though labeled as convenient, cost-effective and easy, online pharmacies help us shrug off a lot of irritations along the way from the doctor’s to the pharmacy store. You get rid of waiting room blues, rigmarole of clinics, refill nuisance and a whole lot [...]

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