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Canadian Online Pharmacies: 5 tips to tell a true pharmacy from a fake one

With the online pharmacy industry growing exponentially, fake internet pharmacies are becoming a huge concern for industry regulators and customers. Industry authorities term fake pharmacies as “global disasters” that have to be nipped in the bud. Reasons for fake internet pharmacies can be – the surplus money earned by pharmacies and the growing demand for [...]

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Internet Pharmacy Dangers: Is your teen buying medications online?

A shocking fact was revealed during a recent survey on buying prescription medications over the internet – sixth-graders are ordering drugs illegally and their parents don’t have a clue as to what their kids are doing. The shocking fact was revealed in an annual report of internet access to controlled medicines, titled ‘You’ve got drugs’. [...]

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24 reasons why you should buy prescription drugs online

Buying prescription medications online can be useful in more than one way. Though labeled as convenient, cost-effective and easy, online pharmacies help us shrug off a lot of irritations along the way from the doctor’s to the pharmacy store. You get rid of waiting room blues, rigmarole of clinics, refill nuisance and a whole lot [...]

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Buying impotence drugs and pain killers online: Do’s, Dangers and Limitations

Online pharmacies are a blessing for those who do not want to travel to the local pharmacy store when they are unwell or do not want to be embarrassed in purchasing certain drugs publicly. Next to lower prices, one of the reasons people flock to online drugstores – private buying experience. Many come to online [...]

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4 uncommon suggestions to save money on prescription drugs

With recession creeping into our homes and the economic climate becoming tougher than ever, health care has become a huge concern for many Americans. Balancing finances within the family has become a difficult job with rising unemployment, medication prices and home rents/loans. In such a cluttered and confused scenario, buying prescription drugs for yourself or [...]

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Online Drugstore Test: 10 signs of fake Internet pharmacies

The scene of people buying prescription medications online is becoming increasingly common in the United States. Thanks to the mushrooming of thousands of online pharmacies, U.S. people are benefiting from cheap rates and doorstep-delivery of medications. These online pharmacies help people save money for tough times as they offer expensive medications at lower prices and [...]

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Pet prescriptions online: 10 steps to buying pet medicine online

Buying pet medications online is a wiser thing to do than buying them offline at a pet pharmacy. This is because pet medications are cheaper and easier to get online. So, if your dog or cat is on prescription medication and if you take pains to buy them every time from the local pet pharmacy, [...]

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Online drugstores and discount drugs: 7 ways to save money on medications

Online drugstores are a great way to save money on medications. If you are un-insured or have problems with spending huge money on medications, opting for online pharmacies can cut down costs and help you bridge gaps financially. You gain a lot especially if you are a senior citizen or one having disability or immobility [...]

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6 facts to consider before buying drugs from Online Pharmacies

Buying from online pharmacies is pretty easy compared to buying from a brick-and-mortar drugstore. But if you are new to Internet pharmacies, you may have to consider a few things before you order prescriptions online: 1. Your purpose. Be clear on your purpose. Why do you want to buy online? Do you want to save [...]

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